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When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

William Shakespeare


In the early morning hours of July 7th 1977 a team of over 100 G-men descend upon the Church of Scientology on what was then North Berendo  while at exactly the same time a smaller team is ascending the stairs to the roof of the Church of Scientology’s Manor Hotel just as a group of Hoover’s finest is moving toward the Church of Scientology’s Founding Organization which was personally established by Hubbard himself and was now being raided for a second time this time by another agency of the US Government.

What had caused the ire of the FBI?

And who were they after?

Well the story begins much like a spy novel with clandestine meetings, brush passes, dead drops and bugs used to listen in on what the Church had targeted as their key adversary. The Internal Revenue Service.   For years the Church of Scientology had tried by any legal means possible to obtain the answer to why their IRC 501Ciii status was revoked through the Freedom of Information Act. They had even tried unsuccessfully to launch a major lawsuit against the Government agencies they suspected were involved in a conspiracy against the Church and were rebuffed for reasons of “National Security”.

Now it was time according to some within Scientology’s Guardian’s Office to grab a dagger and dawn a cloak.

Back on March 1 1966 Hubbard had written a policy outlining the purpose and duties of the Guardian. Only one of these duties included intelligence gathering. Specifying what is known in the trade as “open source” available in various publications so that as he says in the policy letter that they could predict which way cats are going to jump.

The Guardian


Yet with in less than a decade the Guardian’s Office had created a formidable espiocracy known internally as “Bureau One” which carried out the functions of what was formerly known as “Branch Five” which was the branch that was designated to gather intelligence according to the above policy letter.

Their primary target and adversary was the World Federation of Mental Health an organization that Hubbard playfully referred to as Smersh from an Ian Fleming novel (one of his favorite novelists and likely an acquaintance at one time, though this is purely speculation on this author’s part, according to one of his many lectures given in Saint Hill England) an actual directorate within the Soviet NKVD and later MGB who carried out a program of assassinations for Beria which was a truncation of the phrase “Smert’ Shpionam” meaning

“death to spies”.   th

Additionally Hubbard suspected that the US Government was involved in an effort to seize Scientology especially after the FDA raided the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington DC who by a novel act of legal legerdemain and necromancy had in their hands a warrant to arrest “Mr. E. Meter” a religious artifact similar to a galvanometer used in Scientology counseling along with the usual suspects which included thousands of pages of religious documents and theological text books.

Politics Freedom From

This was followed several years later with a total ban on Scientology in Australia, a letter revoking their IRC 501Ciii status issued by the IRS, an exclusion of anyone who came to Britain to study Scientology, Hubbard being tried and found guilty of fraud in absentia in France and various cables by the State Department inferring that Hubbard’s ship the Apollo was involved in gun running, drug smuggling and white slavery.

Many of these actions as revealed later by documents since released through FOIA appear to have been instigated by CIA who had been keeping a file on Hubbard and the Church of Scientology since 1957.

The Snow White Affair

Guardian Order 732 20 Apr 73

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are.

William Tucumseh Sherman

The World Wide head quarters or the “Vatican” of Scientology had been Saint Hill Manor in the rolling country side of East Grinstead Sussex England until late 1966 when Hubbard moved all management operations to several ships at sea in International waters which became known for obvious reasons as the Sea Organization.

His reasons for doing so are explained in a lecture giving in early 1967 known as Ron’s Journal 67. Though Hubbard had resigned in 1966 as Executive Director World Wide and turned his actions over to a Board of Directors assuming the role of Founder. He was still very much involved in the direction and actions of the Scientology network as Commodore of a small flotilla composed of dedicated Scientologists who had signed a One Billion Year contract for the privilege of working directly with Hubbard on his research vessel originally christened as the Royal Scotsman that was eventually rechristened the Apollo.


The trouble began in Morocco where Hubbard was allowed to establish a secular training school for their government’s security forces which included instructing them on how to use the e-meter to root out subversives under a corporation registered in Panama as OTC, Operations and Transport Corp.

A strategy that was attempted in 1962 when Hubbard sent the Kennedy Administration a lecture he recorded at Saint Hill suggesting that they use the e-meter for the same purpose which of course was followed by a raid by the FDA of their Founding Church in Washington DC.   Things went from bad when shortly after docking at Safir a young shipmate by the name of Susan Miester was found dead in her cabin with a gun shot in her head an “apparent suicide” according to the press reports at the time and the State Department was called in by her aggrieved father to investigate then went to worse when OTC was suspected of being implicated in an attempted palace coupe allegedly led by their sponsor General Muhammad Oufkir and the Sea Org personal involved were ejected from Morocco as persona non grata.

Again it is possible actually very likely that CIA was covertly involved in this whole affair in some way either in an effort to eliminate a troublesome ally King Hassan II who like Diem was becoming an embarrassment to the current US Administration or that they had in some way exposed Oufkir’s attempted coup or were hedging their bets on either side.

Whatever the circumstances OTC was on the receiving end of the blowback.

The Guardian Office’s response to all this intrigue was to issue GO 732 WW The Snow White Program.


Snow White’s “Poison Apple”

GO 1361

But I think the real tension lies in the relationship between what you might call the pursuer and his quarry, whether it’s the writer or the spy.

John le Carre


The Snow White Program sometimes called “Operation Snow White” consisted of over two dozen “SWOTs” Snow White Operating Targets that were international in scope with projects assigned to attain their targets in any zone that Scientology operated in.

The overall objective was to expose false reports and disinformation about Scientology’s activities filed by any government agency  using the FOIA or any other kind of sunshine law instituted in other nations and have them “legally expunged”. Project Hunter was assigned to the US Guardian’s Office and had specific targets which included the IRS who had revoked the Church’s IRC 501Ciii status in 1967 and was in the process of appealing the decision.

The GO first attempted to gain access to files from various US Government agencies and found themselves stonewalled at which point they sued and were deflected by concerns for “national security”.   That concern may have been justified to a degree by the fact that a number of Scientologists were involved in CIA’s Top Secret Remote Viewing project known as Scanate.

However there was other information that was no more than suspicion and unsubstantiated rumor that could only be “classified” as malicious gossip.

The lengths that some of these agencies went to in order to protect this “information” was somewhat comical.

In one case CIA refused to release files that were transmitted to them by the NSA who refused to release the files because they had given them to CIA and back and forth and so on and so forth.

Obviously the Guardian’s Office was not amused by these puerile hand off plays and decided at some point to take the law into their own hands and go about gaining the information the old fashioned way.

By stealing it.

Code Name Silver

You basically have a group of four spies who are chosen for a mission they feel for the fact of how competent they are and how their expertise and they’re the right one for the job. But ultimately they find out they’ve been actually chosen for their incompetence.

Matt LeBlanc

Guardian’s Order 1361 was the order to infiltrate the US Government and steal the files. In other words to commit the crime that our Intelligence Agencies are sanctioned to do in other nations. In many cases they already had what could  be considered agents in place in various levels of Federal agencies at different GS ratings and Military security clearances. They were government employees who also happened to be Scientologists since the US Government under the constitution and the Civil Rights Amendment could not discriminate or decline a job based on one’s religion.

The only agency that seemed to operate above the law was the Internal Revenue Service for some reason.

Thus it became of primary importance to place an agent there. A mole.

Oddly their choice Gerald Wolfe AKA “Silver” was able to find gainful employment as a low level clerk at the IRS despite a recession and a hiring freeze of Federal employees. Not only that but was able to elude the IRS’ constitutional and legally questionable proscription against employing Scientologists.

Thus the die was cast and the Rubicon crossed.


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