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While working on the final installment on my series on Scientology’s Guardian’s Office I came across some interesting information that I would like to share with the few hardy souls who read my rather sporadic blog.

A short time back I received an email by someone using a pseudonym giving me a link to a very interesting blog based on research related to the author’s research on his upcoming book Watergate; The Hoax.

Interesting in the sense that I had made parallels to Watergate in my last post on Part II of my series of the Guardian’s Office.

What started the snow ball rolling which later would become the avalanche that would wipe out Scientology’s Guardian’s Office was the Snow White Program.

As I covered in part I of my series the reason for Snow White was attributed to an incident that happened in Morocco when OTC short for Operations Transport Corporation began an operation to educate Government Officials there in the use of the e-meter to weed out possible subversives and that this effort back fired much like Hubbard’s earlier effort to recommend the use of this device to the Kennedy Administration.

Yet unlike the earlier effort which is mentioned in several lectures given by Hubbard on the Saint Hill Briefing Course and Executive Directives after the fact. There is no mention of Morocco in any subsequent lecture or writings of Scientology. One would think that he’d at least mention it. At least in passing.

If the incident actually did occur as many of the critical books on Scientology say then one would think there would be some record of it within the annals of the Church of Scientology. No matter how small or trivial.

Yet all there seems to be are alleged eye witness accounts of this incident faithfully recorded as fact.

One could ask why would these people lie? Yet people have many reasons for lying or altering the truth either intentionally or unintentionally.

Not to dwell on the former but in the case of the latter. Some lie so as not to appear ignorant of events and circumstances that are swirling about all around them which they can not explain. They don’t intentionally lie but when an explanation is given they embrace it like the drunk who blacks out at a party and is told what happened afterward.

Anyway without any further preamble I will link to the series of blogs being discussed:


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November 19, 2015 at 10:13 pm

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