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Some time back I promised a review of a recent book published by Ashton Gray entitled Watergate the Hoax. My apologies for anyone who actually reads my blog. Having read it quite a while a go, I’ll have to review it again myself. The book is quite relevant to this blog in many ways. Actually Gray goes far beyond my own personal speculations and research on the subject posed here which is; was the CIA actively involved in bringing down the Church of Scientology?

His premise which I will elucidate later when I do a proper review of his book was that the key actors involved in the break in at the Watergate complex were also directly involved in a covert operation directed against Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard.

As I said I will explain later. For now let us move from the sublime to the ridiculous and that is the current “leader” of Scientology. One David Miscavige. A short time ago I published my own annotations on a puff piece which was published in what was the St. Petersburg Times now called the Tampa Bay Times.

The SP Times as it was known by Scientologists for obvious reasons if one is familiar with the terminology of Scientology wasn’t all that kind to the subject or to L Ron Hubbard. In fact they published a series of hit pieces beginning in 1979 that won a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. Not that I am all that impressed with this fact since they seem to hand this prize out to many journalists who tow the Mocking Bird Line and carry water for Dear Old Mother “K” like for example Lawrence Wright’s book the Looming Tower which pretty much plagiarizes the ridiculous “findings” of the ludicrous 911 Commission. More can be said and will be said later but for now I’ll just move on.

As I was saying. The SP Times published a series of very critical articles but when they did one on Miscavige the so called “Man Behind Scientology”. They didn’t exactly cover him rose pedals but fairly close. And why not? It seems since Ted Koppel announced him as the “head” of Scientology back in ninety two. He had managed to take the Church of Scientology into the veritable twilight zone with his invention of the “Golden Age of Tech”.

But before that. The IRS gave the Church its blessing by granting it its coveted Tax Exempt status while at the same time receiving over twelve million dollars in back taxes and making the “Man Behind Scientology” a defacto revenue agent as the Chairman of the Church of Scientology’s very own Tax Compliance Committee. Another  chairmanship that Miscavige has other than the one having to do with the RTC but more on the QT like the Closing Agreement was until somebody over at the Wall Street Journal let the cat out of the bag the year before his sweet as honey interview with the SP Times.

In there we find the story book version of little Davy’s rise to the top of the Scientology’s pyramid of power. What isn’t mentioned however is the mysterious death of the man most likely to succeed L Ron Hubbard his son Quentin who reached Scientology’s highest level of Scientology training before his untimely and strange demise in Las Vegas.

As they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and when Mary Sue unsatisfied with the LVPD’s explanation of her son’s death hired a PI. She found herself next on the list of individuals being neutralized. This came by way of an indictment along with eleven other Scientologists for a “conspiracy” against the US Government.

For more background on her set up and subsequent railroading I suggest reading Omar Garrison’s excellent book entitled Playing Dirty; The Secret War Against Beliefs and my own two part series on the Guardian’s Office.

Another possible candidate was Yvonne  Jentzsch the much admired and well respected president of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre who would die from a mysterious rapid acting form of brain cancer.

It is interesting that along with David Miscavige, her widower Heber would appear on a list of possible agents of influence connected to the CIA’s Robert Crowely but of course we are told by former Sea Org Members who have since left the Church “that there’s nothing to see here folks, so lets move along!”

These are the people who tend to be the biggest promoters of what I derisively call the lone Miscavige theory. They like the former SP Times promote the idea that Miscavige by his own pluck and determination had risen to to the stellar rank of Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center.

What I also refer to with distain as the Miscavige myth. A myth that has not only been perpetrated and perpetuated by the Church particularly the Sea Organization but by the media and Government as well.

Truth be told if one or in this case a conspiracy wanted to perpetrate and perpetuate a hoax they would need willing accomplices in the media and the Government who would be willing to play along with this charade such as for example claiming that someone who couldn’t even fly a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 with military precision into a wedge of the Pentagon or that Iraq was laden with WMD and had the technical capability to launch a sophisticated drone attack against the US or to a lesser degree that David Miscavige was the chosen successor to L Ron Hubbard despite evidence to the contrary.

The irony is that there are so many in the Sea Organization and who have since left who want us to take this scenario seriously without a grain of salt.

One wonders what their personal actions that contributed to Miscavige’s accession were? Yet so far we are told that they were so “overwhelmed” by this bullying high school drop out who probably still ignorantly believes that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor with “suicide bombers”.

Yes David Miscavige. The man, the myth, the legend, the HOAX!


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April 6, 2017 at 1:32 pm

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