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Seems we live in a world these days where primitive “terrorists” living in some cave in Afghanistan can circumvent the most sophisticated defense net ever developed for the North American continent with a few flying lessons and some box cutters (for most part made out of metal yet somehow spoofed Airport Metal Detectors) were able to pilot commercial jets with deadly accuracy into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Then there’s the lone gun man who from his perch in the Texas School Depository was able to fire an inaccurate rifle accurately through an Elm Tree and a Overpass and hit a sitting President square in the head.

Yes wonders never cease! Ironically the people who promote such obvious myths get a bit testy when one mentions the paranormal. Even though the above two scenarios go beyond anything which would be considered paranormal and into territory that would be considered utter fantasy.

No wonder the majority of Americans are turning away from the purveyors of such fairy tales in droves. Calling them “fake news” and other less complimentary names.

I remember my gleeful schadenfreude when the candidate they predicted would win the Presidential election with almost close to one hundred percent certainty lose in an Electoral landslide.

Really I couldn’t stop laughing especially at the fact that many people actually take these bozos seriously when imparting the “news” and “information”.

I’m sure Zelda staring into her crystal ball could have given a better prediction on the recent Presidential Election. If she hadn’t most of her clients would have probably abandoned her and she would be forced to sell her crystal ball and live on food stamps.

Not so with the mainstream media who are mainly supported by the CIA, that’s Capitalism’s Invisible Army and their deluded advertisers.

I guess it’s okay to call oneself the “paper of record” and not record a single fact or even come close to the actual truth.

Lucky for them they don’t have to count on the hard earned money of their subscribers to keep them from selling their crystal balls and living on food stamps.

They like the Government have already perfected what would be considered a welfare scam if some out of work mother with two kids attempted the same thing.

How does this have any relevance to Scientology?

Well we see them endlessly buying real estate with the help of their well to do “patrons” many of who have connections to as the late Ingo Swann would say; “You know who.” so as to purvey the perception of “unprecedented expansion”.

Yes they’re expanding alright. Somewhere into oblivion. As thier public either turns against them or finds actual Scientology out in the field which hasn’t been defiled by the “Golden Age of Tech” and is still relatively pure.

Just like many “news junkies” and those who want to actually be informed have turned off mainstream “news” and have began to look for independent sources.

It seems that the Potemkin Village of Perception Management is finally collapsing and this is a good thing.



Written by remoteviewed

April 12, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Posted in CIA and Religion

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