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Book Review: Watergate the Hoax

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Here is my much anticipated review of Watergate the Hoax.

Ashton Gray follows in the footsteps of previous authors such as Jim Hogan’s Secret Agenda and Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin’s Silent Coup in showing the inconsistencies of what has become known as Watergate.

However not until Ashton Gray has anyone diverged from the official story of the Watergate scandal originally covered by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the Washington Post and later in the book that was made into the movie All the President’s Men.

I mean who better then two trusted and Academy award winning actors like Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman to play the dynamic duo of Woodward and Bernstein uncovering former President Richard Milhous Nixon’s treachery using a secret and confidential “source” whom they called “Deep Throat” who would be later revealed as Mark Felt?

Yes who indeed?

Especially if you wanted the public to accept the “official version” of what happened.

I’m surprised that they never thought of it for the previous Kennedy assassination but then in that case they never had two cub reporters who were prepared to eke out the story the way they wanted them to in the manner of a “limited hangout“. A neologism that was invented during the Watergate scandal.

The only problem I had with Mark Felt was access. Yes he was Deputy Director of the FBI but if one reads the news reports and later books written by the dynamic duo. The person they are calling “Deep Throat” seems to have insider access to the Whitehouse. Something that Felt would have never had. I personally agree with Hogan that the most logical choice would have been Alexander Haig, Nixon’s chief of staff who was also Reagan’s COS and who had basically taken when Reagan was shot. Damn the the Twenty Fifth Amendment!

Now we get to the premise of the book and that what is called “Watergate” was in fact an elaborate “Hoax”. Hogan, Colodny and Gettlin have implied as much but have never actually come right and said it. Silent Coup gives the possible purpose behind Watergate while Secret Agenda implies that there was something else going on possibly having to do with CIA’s Top Secret mind control run original by TSS for Technical Services Staff which was the reason for the “MK” digraph attached to “Ultra” which was allegedly discontinued when the Inspector General for CIA J.S. Earman uncovered it 1963.

Well that should have settled that! But it didn’t. According to John Marks in his seminal book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate the program continued in various permutations under Sidney Gottlieb the club footed mastermind of the program and who in collusion with Richard Helms who just happened to be the DCI at around the time of Watergate destroyed many but fortunately not all records pertaining to it.

One of those records is MK Ultra subproject 136   in which they’d already come to the conclusion that there was such a thing as ESP and wanted to move beyond that to the actual utilization of the phenomenon.

Many attempts would be made using their faithful contractors with very little success until they were contacted by Scientology OT VII and former spook Hal Puthoff who just happened to have started such a program at the Stanford Research Institute.

Many people believe that CIA’s “long strange trip” under Mk Ultra mainly had to do with LSD. At least Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain give that impression in their book Acid Dreams. Yet the irony is that many of the test subjects of this new “wonder drug” developed by Albert Hoffman at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals were CIA officers themselves who were involved with or closely associated with the program with unfortunate disastrous consequences as in the case of Frank Olsen.

Yes in other words many of Kubark’s best were tripping on Acid and had swung wide open the Doors of Perception.

As Hubbard would say years later that in HCOB 23 Sept 68:


drugs (or alcohol) give an enforced moment or period of release. It is surrounded in mass. They are deadly because they give the sensation of release while actually pulling in mass.


In many cases this “release” became an almost religious experience. Nothing new here the American Indian’s of the Southwest were very aware of this phenomenon which was the reason they used Peyote, another hallucinogen derived from the cactus by the same name as a sacrament.

So it would be easy to see how the new acolytes of this new sacrament LSD would end up in the vineyards of psychic phenomena.

Anyway I alluded to this when sometime back I wrote a brief history of Remote Viewing which is very germane to the book being reviewed entitled Watergate the Hoax. Yet it seems that Gray never studied this prologue to what would later become the Remote Viewing program.

The fact is that they were pretty much primed and ready for anything that would prove the existence of this phenomenon that up until this point the Technical Services Staff had only had rare glimpses of.

Something that Puthoff, Ingo Swann and later Pat Price were able to prove scientifically and statistically to a greater degree than any time previously. What became known as the “Eight Martini Result” became quite common.

Yet the ability to Remotely View any location on Earth was only the first step. What these spooks really wanted was what was known as Psycho or Telekinesis which in this case they were only able to manage to catch a rare glimpse of in the Varian Hall Experiment which is mentioned in the book and with Baxter’s graphite experiments which are also mentioned in the book but then Gray comes to the conclusion that for some reason the CIA would want to kill or incapacitate the goose who laid this golden egg right on their doorstep he says in order to steal the OT levels.

This premise makes no sense due the fact that CIA probably already had access to the OT Levels or Advanced Course materials through their agents in place or moles in Scientology’s Advance Organizations. Materials that were made available to anyone who signed up for the above courses including their own agents covertly working on their behalf.

Hubbard had already released and made available to Advanced Organizations what he had up until this point which included OT VII known as “rehabilitation of intention” which gave a glimmer of what they really wanted but only applied to placing this intention into life forms not actual objects.

What they wanted. Mind or in this case Thetan over matter Ron hadn’t yet developed and was still working on. As one can see by looking at the Grade Chart circa that period was at the top was OT VIII which to this point hadn’t been released and that the Old Man was still working on. One that would give one “the ability to be at cause over Matter, Energy, Space and Time subjectively and objectively”.

Thus why get rid of Hubbard or mentally incapacitate him before completing his researches on this level?

Then of course there is the more mundane question and that is if the immoral spooks at Dear Ol’ Mother K had turned Ron into a vegetable or replaced him with a ringer as Gray concludes based on arcane evidence that he never presents: wouldn’t Mary Sue and his family have noticed?

Personally I can’t see Mary Sue sitting on the possibility that her husband was turned into a mind zapped robot or replaced by someone else pretending to be him. Nor can I see Quentin, Dianna, Suzette or Arthur not noticing that something was amiss with dear old dad or that daddy was gone and replaced by somebody else!

Therefore I give Ashton Gray an A++ for exposing the hoax called Watergate which he does skillfully by exposing the lies and contradictions in the documents and testimony of the key players involved in this staged drama.

But I’d have to give him a failing grade on proving conclusively that this badly scripted play called Watergate had anything to do with Scientology.

First there is no evidence whatsoever other than location that McCord, Hunt and Liddy’s paths actually crossed with the key actors involved in the Remote Viewing program Puthoff and Swann or the so called “History Makers” listed in the book.

Then there is time. Yes many of the contracts signed with the above Scientologists  including the one that isn’t mentioned here in this book involving “Biofield Measurement” were signed and many of the experiments involving psychic phenomena and Remote Viewing were conducted contemporaneously as Watergate but that and the occasional incidental coincidence of location does not establish beyond a reasonable that they are intertwined and are not parallel.

Like Hubbard. There is no reason why they had to get rid of Nixon or disable Wallace to continue their program in Remote Viewing. The fact is CIA has been quite capable of keeping Presidents in the dark about their nefarious activities beginning at their inception in 1947.

This is why the organization has gained the deserved reputation of being a “rogue elephant”.

For instance Eisenhower had put the kibbutz on any U2 overflights over the Soviet Union during the period when he was trying to negotiate a nuclear arms treaty with Khrushchev. They’re response “so what” and sent Gary Powers over anyway.

In fact the last President who tried reigning them in by threatening to break them up into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind ended up quite dead shortly afterward.

Another heinous and heretical act that Nixon that was in process of committing was like his predecessor ending the Cold War.

Like most Presidents in they’re second term. They become more concerned about their legacy than in getting reelected and so warmonger Nixon became Nixon the peace maker with his efforts to end the war in Viet Nam and seeking Detente with the Communist world which from the viewpoint of the CIA and their friends in the Military Industrial Complex was taking the fodder out of their greedy little mouths.

Like Cold War Kennedy before him. He had turned into a pinko peacenik!

The fact is that if they wanted to terminate Nixon as Gray says. So that they could carry on unhindered with their remote viewing program. They would have pulled the lever to the trap door long before he was elected in a landslide.

They ostensibly had the goods on him long before he defeated McGovern in the most one sided electoral college and popular vote victory since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Yet they and their Mockingbird press and their operatives at the Washington Post sat on Watergate until after the election when Nixon was well into his first hundred days of seeking rapprochement first with China then the Soviet Union while seeking an end to at the time was America’s longest war.

Peace was breaking out all over the place so the man had to be stopped!

So he was in what Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin call a Silent Coup.

This and not anything having to Remote Viewing seems to be the raison d’être behind the Deep State junta.

Watergate was their leverage. The one they’d use to get rid of Nixon and not only that but keep the Democrats in line as well.

Now we come to first break in that Gray says was used as cover or an alibi for hijacking Hubbard despite no evidence of such an occurrence ever occurring. I mean he pretty much says so himself by dragging out a report by the IRS that says Hubbard was on the Apollo during the time in question and until the ship made its way to Portugal where Hubbard allegedly caught a flight from to New York. More later on this but the main point here is that Gray ignores a key point here and that is Operation Mudhen which was a program to go after muck racker Jack Anderson which by all accounts to be somewhat of an overkill. I mean assigning over a dozen CIA officers to go after one pesky reporter who by the way happened to be a good friend of the DCI Richard Helms.

Seems strange.

So what was the real purpose of Mudhen?

Well as Hougan speculates and I tend to agree. Mudhen had nothing to do with Anderson and may have had everything to do with running a bunch of hookers and call girls in the Washington area to gain intel on the Democrats which was the real reason for Gemstone.

In other words Alfred Baldwin was basically running a straw man operation from his so called “listening post” over at the HoJo while CIA was gaining actual intel on the Democrats by pimping out prostitutes and getting information through good old pillow talk. Intel that Liddy was receiving and having secretary Sally Harmony faithfully type out for him on Gemstone letterhead.

There is a reason why Intelligence gathering is called the “second oldest profession”!

Also the above revelation could change the actual concept of “Deep Throat”. Maybe Linda Lovelace was closer to the truth than the Dynamic Duo of Woodward and Bernstein?

Thus the first break-in was merely a diversion that they could use to obscure the source and methods of their actual intel about members of the DNC. The break in was the confirm the idea in the minds of the public, the FBI and the various Congressional Committees that there was a first break in and that bugs were planted despite the fact that none were found.

Okay so I give Gray a failing grade on what the reason behind Watergate from my own independent research but I say he passes with flying colors on exposing the sleazy pit of vipers surrounding L Ron Hubbard who he calls the “History Makers” who are hard to distinguish from the major players involved in Watergate for their treachery.

Actually some of them are far worse than say Alfred Baldwin in their ability to confabulate. Baldwin merely twists actual facts into pretzels of complete illogic while the “History Makers” weave a wicked web of utter fantasy.

For example this so called “mission” to teach Hassan II’s palace guard and his intelligence agency security checking must be a total fabrication. Why? Because of the following policy in force when this alleged “mission” took place:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



The practice of security checking from security check lists like the “Joburg” has been abolished. There are several reasons for this:

We have no interest in the secrets and crimes of people and no use for them.

Security checking is often done without regard to the point where the person feels better and so became overrun.

Security checking is often done in disregard of the state of a person’s case.
Low level cases do not react on actual crimes and so the “security” furnished is often a false security. There is public criticism of security checking as a practice.

The existence of lists of crimes in folders often makes it necessary to destroy the folders which may contain other technical data which is constructive and valuable.

If a person is a criminal or has overt acts which affect his case, and speaks of them to an auditor of his own volition, the auditor is bound by the Auditor’s Code not to publish, use or reveal them.

Nothing in this policy letter alters standard grade processing or rudiments.





Copyright© 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard



There it is right there in Green on White!

This is the iceberg that sinks the Titanic lie perpetrated by the so called “History Makers” and perpetuated by hatchet hacks like Miller, Atack, Cordon, Wright et al riding the clown car to historical oblivion.

Too bad Ashton Gray didn’t uncover this policy since it would have destroyed the myth about a Security Check mission being personally ordered by L Ron Hubbard.

Yes but he’s Ron. He can pretty much order anything. Can’t he?

Not according to the following policy written at the time that Gray says Ron mysteriously disappeared:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex




No Aides Order or Flag Bureaux Data Letter or Executive Directive, Direc- tive or Base Order of any type or kind, written or verbal, may alter or cancel any policy letter or HCOB. These remain senior.

HCO Policy Letters are senior in admin. HCO Bulletins are senior to all other orders in tech.

Only Policy Letters may revise or cancel Policy Letters. Only HCOBs may revise or cancel HCOBs.

No Aides Order or other directive or order may abolish a network or org or change the form of an org.

HCO PLs and HCOBs require passing by LRH or the full authority of Inter- national Board members as well as the Authority and Verification Unit.

Telexes which inform orgs or executives of modifications or cancellations of HCO PLs or HCOBs must quote the revision HCO PL or HCOB, and the revision must in fact exist and itself be issued and follow.

Any practice by which junior issues such as directives abolish networks or make off-policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech.

This is therefore a HIGH CRIME policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or “abolishes” anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs, including the downgrade of “that’s out-of-date” or “that’s been cancelled” with- out showing the HCO PL or HCOB which revises or cancels.

HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the senior data on which we operate.



So what was Hubbard actually doing at the time in Morocco? Well as noted earlier he was on the Flagship the Apollo with Mary Sue and the kids according to the US Government’s own records. Probably conducting research while in the middle of a political hurricane.

As Ashton Gray says there is no documentary evidence that there ever was a Villa Laure. Too bad he didn’t read his own words and fell into to the rabbit hole that the above circus clowns fell into previously describing a Villa that only seems to exist only in the fervent and deranged minds of the so called “History Makers”.

What about the Operation Transport Corporation? The mysterious organization responsible for this mission impossible.

One looks in vain for any description Scientology’s in it Administrative and Management dictionary. Only to find in the famous or infamous Snow White Program that it is just another name for the “Apollo” and suggests that they are one and the same:



GO 732 WW

Apr. 20, 73..



Attack is necessary to an effective defense.


Countries are being denied to OTC, the “Apollo” and LRH (emphasis added)


A gradual reduction of available countries occurring since 1967. Trend Danger.


General operating record since 1967, studied with many uncovered incidents without foundation in fact. Each of these has had in common false reports.

Recent exposure of official records have brought about the possession of data showing that England and the US have in the past spread false reports in several other countries which have caused trouble.


By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real … data which is factually good but which is then ignored.

Secondary Why:

The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation.

Ideal Scene:

All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged and OTC, “Apollo” and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.



To engage in various litigation in all countries affected also as to expose to view all such derogatory and false reports, to engage in further litigation in the countries originating such reports, to exhaust resources in those countries and then finally to take the nation to the United Nations (think now being possible for an individual and a group) and to the European Commission on Human Rights, meanwhile uprooting and cancelling all such files and reports wherever found.


Note that the Guardian’s Order was written before Gray says Ron disappeared. Not afterward as the author implies.

The fact is although it is claimed by many misinformed wags on the internet that it was what they mistakenly call “Operation Snow White” that unleashed the hounds of Hooverville upon the organization it was a little known Guardian’s Order 1361 that actually provoked what I call the Scientology Chainsaw Massacre. A rogue operation written by Micheal Meisner the former Assistant Guardian for Information at Washington DC and approved by Jane Kember the Guardian at the time which is why I nodded my head approvingly when Ashton listed her at the top of infiltrators or plants within the Scientology Organization sent in by either CIA or MI6.

In regard to Dear Jane. I had a source sometime back who knew her personally and had told me that her dad worked for the South African BOSI that’s the Bureau of State Security. Not the BOSSI mentioned in the book. An agency that was closely affiliated to MI6. Seems the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree in Jane’s case since by approving GO 1361 she basically played the role of McCord in ordering an illegal break in not of the Watergate but in this case the Washington Office of the IRS and like McCord and his henchmen who would bring down the President by ordering the break in at the Watergate. Their nominal boss. She would bring down her own superior. Mary Sue Hubbard.

As I’ve written before in my previous articles on the Guardian’s Office that the parallels between the two are uncanny. Almost as if they were scripted by the same people or persons which in both cases likely the CIA.

Which brings me to the point on which Ashton Gray and myself agree and that the Church of Scientology has been and is currently being manipulated by our “friends” on the dark side.

The only thing we disagree is on the means. Here he postulates that Hubbard was a victim of some kind of extraordinary rendition and then either assassinated or turned over to the tender hands of the Mk Ultra alumni and turned into a human rutabaga.

I’m not saying that the boys and girls who work for dear mother K as they call CIA. The “K” of course standing for Kubark the cable code for the agency are quite capable of doing that to Ron or anyone. It just doesn’t make any practical sense for reasons I’ve stated above. Mainly because that they hadn’t gotten what they wanted from the Old Man yet. Still the “tantalizing” prospect of PK hadn’t yet been attained stably yet.

So my own theory is that like Edward Wilson in Joseph Trento’s excellent book Prelude to Terror. They were relentlessly driving the Old Man of the sea back to America by shutting down his access to any safe Harbor as Omar Garrison seems to suggest in his book Playing Dirty where he says on Chapter Four:


There was nowhere left to go, except home. So the ship which  had never delivered a cargo to any port more dangerous than music, fun and  scores of young people with cameras and money, set sail once more for the  Bahamas, and thence to Clearwater, Florida where crew and shipmates went ashore  to establish a land base for their Scientology movement.

In all the long and tragic history of the sea, it is unlikely that any ship  or group of seafarers were ever banned from so many lands in so short a space of  time.


In other words they had Ron right where they wanted him.

All said and done though aside from our differing points of view on the matter. I found Watergate the Hoax an excellent read. Filled with humor and little known facts about a major historical event that changed the world.

I heartily recommend it to any student of history.





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