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A Response to Michael Rinder’s “Scientology, Lying and the FBI”

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Interesting that Rinder who along with Marty Rathbun was one of the guiding lights of Scientology “Independence Movement” would resort to posting the following drivel on his blog by an author who is obviously a big fan of the late and unlamented Jolly West and Margret Singer both Mk Ultra operatives who overplayed the hypnotic influence of “cults”.

Even CIA has abandoned the idea that hypnotism by itself has any real lasting effect on an individual and requires the addition of drugs as in Narcosynthesis for it to be truly effective.

Yet Singer, West and their more recent acolytes like Hassen, Ross and now Lambert promote this disinformation as if it were fact.

Anyway now Mike Rinder has the following article on his blog entitled  “Scientology, Lying and the FBI” where he metaphorically wrings his hands on why the brave G-men and now women in cross dressing Hoover’s FBI haven’t shut down Scientology.

Yes. Well aside from the First Amendment which these anti cult nut balls and I now include Rinder seem unfamiliar with is the fact that Scientology along with other sects are considered Intelligence assets.

All one has to do is read about why Scientology was kicked out of Greece or why the Organization is under investigation by the OPC in Germany and the FSB in Russia.

Both agencies suspect that the Organization is a tool of US Intelligence Community and as in the case of Greece there is evidence to support this.

So for now the Church of Scientology operates under a protected status. Just as many shifty bankers, gun runners and drug dealers.

Something I tried to tell Rinder when I used to comment on his stupid blog before getting kicked off.

Seems he views freedom of speech in the same light as freedom of religion.



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May 15, 2017 at 5:36 pm

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