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A Response to Michael Rinder’s “Scientology, Lying and the FBI”

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Interesting that Rinder who along with Marty Rathbun was one of the guiding lights of Scientology “Independence Movement” would resort to posting the following drivel on his blog by an author who is obviously a big fan of the late and unlamented Jolly West and Margret Singer both Mk Ultra operatives who overplayed the hypnotic influence of “cults”.

Even CIA has abandoned the idea that hypnotism by itself has any real lasting effect on an individual and requires the addition of drugs as in Narcosynthesis for it to be truly effective.

Yet Singer, West and their more recent acolytes like Hassen, Ross and now Lambert promote this disinformation as if it were fact.

Anyway now Mike Rinder has the following article on his blog entitled  “Scientology, Lying and the FBI” where he metaphorically wrings his hands on why the brave G-men and now women in cross dressing Hoover’s FBI haven’t shut down Scientology.

Yes. Well aside from the First Amendment which these anti cult nut balls and I now include Rinder seem unfamiliar with is the fact that Scientology along with other sects are considered Intelligence assets.

All one has to do is read about why Scientology was kicked out of Greece or why the Organization is under investigation by the OPC in Germany and the FSB in Russia.

Both agencies suspect that the Organization is a tool of US Intelligence Community and as in the case of Greece there is evidence to support this.

So for now the Church of Scientology operates under a protected status. Just as many shifty bankers, gun runners and drug dealers.

Something I tried to tell Rinder when I used to comment on his stupid blog before getting kicked off.

Seems he views freedom of speech in the same light as freedom of religion.


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Book Review: Watergate the Hoax

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Here is my much anticipated review of Watergate the Hoax.

Ashton Gray follows in the footsteps of previous authors such as Jim Hogan’s Secret Agenda and Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin’s Silent Coup in showing the inconsistencies of what has become known as Watergate.

However not until Ashton Gray has anyone diverged from the official story of the Watergate scandal originally covered by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the Washington Post and later in the book that was made into the movie All the President’s Men.

I mean who better then two trusted and Academy award winning actors like Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman to play the dynamic duo of Woodward and Bernstein uncovering former President Richard Milhous Nixon’s treachery using a secret and confidential “source” whom they called “Deep Throat” who would be later revealed as Mark Felt?

Yes who indeed?

Especially if you wanted the public to accept the “official version” of what happened.

I’m surprised that they never thought of it for the previous Kennedy assassination but then in that case they never had two cub reporters who were prepared to eke out the story the way they wanted them to in the manner of a “limited hangout“. A neologism that was invented during the Watergate scandal.

The only problem I had with Mark Felt was access. Yes he was Deputy Director of the FBI but if one reads the news reports and later books written by the dynamic duo. The person they are calling “Deep Throat” seems to have insider access to the Whitehouse. Something that Felt would have never had. I personally agree with Hogan that the most logical choice would have been Alexander Haig, Nixon’s chief of staff who was also Reagan’s COS and who had basically taken when Reagan was shot. Damn the the Twenty Fifth Amendment!

Now we get to the premise of the book and that what is called “Watergate” was in fact an elaborate “Hoax”. Hogan, Colodny and Gettlin have implied as much but have never actually come right and said it. Silent Coup gives the possible purpose behind Watergate while Secret Agenda implies that there was something else going on possibly having to do with CIA’s Top Secret mind control run original by TSS for Technical Services Staff which was the reason for the “MK” digraph attached to “Ultra” which was allegedly discontinued when the Inspector General for CIA J.S. Earman uncovered it 1963.

Well that should have settled that! But it didn’t. According to John Marks in his seminal book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate the program continued in various permutations under Sidney Gottlieb the club footed mastermind of the program and who in collusion with Richard Helms who just happened to be the DCI at around the time of Watergate destroyed many but fortunately not all records pertaining to it.

One of those records is MK Ultra subproject 136   in which they’d already come to the conclusion that there was such a thing as ESP and wanted to move beyond that to the actual utilization of the phenomenon.

Many attempts would be made using their faithful contractors with very little success until they were contacted by Scientology OT VII and former spook Hal Puthoff who just happened to have started such a program at the Stanford Research Institute.

Many people believe that CIA’s “long strange trip” under Mk Ultra mainly had to do with LSD. At least Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain give that impression in their book Acid Dreams. Yet the irony is that many of the test subjects of this new “wonder drug” developed by Albert Hoffman at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals were CIA officers themselves who were involved with or closely associated with the program with unfortunate disastrous consequences as in the case of Frank Olsen.

Yes in other words many of Kubark’s best were tripping on Acid and had swung wide open the Doors of Perception.

As Hubbard would say years later that in HCOB 23 Sept 68:


drugs (or alcohol) give an enforced moment or period of release. It is surrounded in mass. They are deadly because they give the sensation of release while actually pulling in mass.


In many cases this “release” became an almost religious experience. Nothing new here the American Indian’s of the Southwest were very aware of this phenomenon which was the reason they used Peyote, another hallucinogen derived from the cactus by the same name as a sacrament.

So it would be easy to see how the new acolytes of this new sacrament LSD would end up in the vineyards of psychic phenomena.

Anyway I alluded to this when sometime back I wrote a brief history of Remote Viewing which is very germane to the book being reviewed entitled Watergate the Hoax. Yet it seems that Gray never studied this prologue to what would later become the Remote Viewing program.

The fact is that they were pretty much primed and ready for anything that would prove the existence of this phenomenon that up until this point the Technical Services Staff had only had rare glimpses of.

Something that Puthoff, Ingo Swann and later Pat Price were able to prove scientifically and statistically to a greater degree than any time previously. What became known as the “Eight Martini Result” became quite common.

Yet the ability to Remotely View any location on Earth was only the first step. What these spooks really wanted was what was known as Psycho or Telekinesis which in this case they were only able to manage to catch a rare glimpse of in the Varian Hall Experiment which is mentioned in the book and with Baxter’s graphite experiments which are also mentioned in the book but then Gray comes to the conclusion that for some reason the CIA would want to kill or incapacitate the goose who laid this golden egg right on their doorstep he says in order to steal the OT levels.

This premise makes no sense due the fact that CIA probably already had access to the OT Levels or Advanced Course materials through their agents in place or moles in Scientology’s Advance Organizations. Materials that were made available to anyone who signed up for the above courses including their own agents covertly working on their behalf.

Hubbard had already released and made available to Advanced Organizations what he had up until this point which included OT VII known as “rehabilitation of intention” which gave a glimmer of what they really wanted but only applied to placing this intention into life forms not actual objects.

What they wanted. Mind or in this case Thetan over matter Ron hadn’t yet developed and was still working on. As one can see by looking at the Grade Chart circa that period was at the top was OT VIII which to this point hadn’t been released and that the Old Man was still working on. One that would give one “the ability to be at cause over Matter, Energy, Space and Time subjectively and objectively”.

Thus why get rid of Hubbard or mentally incapacitate him before completing his researches on this level?

Then of course there is the more mundane question and that is if the immoral spooks at Dear Ol’ Mother K had turned Ron into a vegetable or replaced him with a ringer as Gray concludes based on arcane evidence that he never presents: wouldn’t Mary Sue and his family have noticed?

Personally I can’t see Mary Sue sitting on the possibility that her husband was turned into a mind zapped robot or replaced by someone else pretending to be him. Nor can I see Quentin, Dianna, Suzette or Arthur not noticing that something was amiss with dear old dad or that daddy was gone and replaced by somebody else!

Therefore I give Ashton Gray an A++ for exposing the hoax called Watergate which he does skillfully by exposing the lies and contradictions in the documents and testimony of the key players involved in this staged drama.

But I’d have to give him a failing grade on proving conclusively that this badly scripted play called Watergate had anything to do with Scientology.

First there is no evidence whatsoever other than location that McCord, Hunt and Liddy’s paths actually crossed with the key actors involved in the Remote Viewing program Puthoff and Swann or the so called “History Makers” listed in the book.

Then there is time. Yes many of the contracts signed with the above Scientologists  including the one that isn’t mentioned here in this book involving “Biofield Measurement” were signed and many of the experiments involving psychic phenomena and Remote Viewing were conducted contemporaneously as Watergate but that and the occasional incidental coincidence of location does not establish beyond a reasonable that they are intertwined and are not parallel.

Like Hubbard. There is no reason why they had to get rid of Nixon or disable Wallace to continue their program in Remote Viewing. The fact is CIA has been quite capable of keeping Presidents in the dark about their nefarious activities beginning at their inception in 1947.

This is why the organization has gained the deserved reputation of being a “rogue elephant”.

For instance Eisenhower had put the kibbutz on any U2 overflights over the Soviet Union during the period when he was trying to negotiate a nuclear arms treaty with Khrushchev. They’re response “so what” and sent Gary Powers over anyway.

In fact the last President who tried reigning them in by threatening to break them up into a thousand pieces and scattering them to the wind ended up quite dead shortly afterward.

Another heinous and heretical act that Nixon that was in process of committing was like his predecessor ending the Cold War.

Like most Presidents in they’re second term. They become more concerned about their legacy than in getting reelected and so warmonger Nixon became Nixon the peace maker with his efforts to end the war in Viet Nam and seeking Detente with the Communist world which from the viewpoint of the CIA and their friends in the Military Industrial Complex was taking the fodder out of their greedy little mouths.

Like Cold War Kennedy before him. He had turned into a pinko peacenik!

The fact is that if they wanted to terminate Nixon as Gray says. So that they could carry on unhindered with their remote viewing program. They would have pulled the lever to the trap door long before he was elected in a landslide.

They ostensibly had the goods on him long before he defeated McGovern in the most one sided electoral college and popular vote victory since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Yet they and their Mockingbird press and their operatives at the Washington Post sat on Watergate until after the election when Nixon was well into his first hundred days of seeking rapprochement first with China then the Soviet Union while seeking an end to at the time was America’s longest war.

Peace was breaking out all over the place so the man had to be stopped!

So he was in what Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin call a Silent Coup.

This and not anything having to Remote Viewing seems to be the raison d’être behind the Deep State junta.

Watergate was their leverage. The one they’d use to get rid of Nixon and not only that but keep the Democrats in line as well.

Now we come to first break in that Gray says was used as cover or an alibi for hijacking Hubbard despite no evidence of such an occurrence ever occurring. I mean he pretty much says so himself by dragging out a report by the IRS that says Hubbard was on the Apollo during the time in question and until the ship made its way to Portugal where Hubbard allegedly caught a flight from to New York. More later on this but the main point here is that Gray ignores a key point here and that is Operation Mudhen which was a program to go after muck racker Jack Anderson which by all accounts to be somewhat of an overkill. I mean assigning over a dozen CIA officers to go after one pesky reporter who by the way happened to be a good friend of the DCI Richard Helms.

Seems strange.

So what was the real purpose of Mudhen?

Well as Hougan speculates and I tend to agree. Mudhen had nothing to do with Anderson and may have had everything to do with running a bunch of hookers and call girls in the Washington area to gain intel on the Democrats which was the real reason for Gemstone.

In other words Alfred Baldwin was basically running a straw man operation from his so called “listening post” over at the HoJo while CIA was gaining actual intel on the Democrats by pimping out prostitutes and getting information through good old pillow talk. Intel that Liddy was receiving and having secretary Sally Harmony faithfully type out for him on Gemstone letterhead.

There is a reason why Intelligence gathering is called the “second oldest profession”!

Also the above revelation could change the actual concept of “Deep Throat”. Maybe Linda Lovelace was closer to the truth than the Dynamic Duo of Woodward and Bernstein?

Thus the first break-in was merely a diversion that they could use to obscure the source and methods of their actual intel about members of the DNC. The break in was the confirm the idea in the minds of the public, the FBI and the various Congressional Committees that there was a first break in and that bugs were planted despite the fact that none were found.

Okay so I give Gray a failing grade on what the reason behind Watergate from my own independent research but I say he passes with flying colors on exposing the sleazy pit of vipers surrounding L Ron Hubbard who he calls the “History Makers” who are hard to distinguish from the major players involved in Watergate for their treachery.

Actually some of them are far worse than say Alfred Baldwin in their ability to confabulate. Baldwin merely twists actual facts into pretzels of complete illogic while the “History Makers” weave a wicked web of utter fantasy.

For example this so called “mission” to teach Hassan II’s palace guard and his intelligence agency security checking must be a total fabrication. Why? Because of the following policy in force when this alleged “mission” took place:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



The practice of security checking from security check lists like the “Joburg” has been abolished. There are several reasons for this:

We have no interest in the secrets and crimes of people and no use for them.

Security checking is often done without regard to the point where the person feels better and so became overrun.

Security checking is often done in disregard of the state of a person’s case.
Low level cases do not react on actual crimes and so the “security” furnished is often a false security. There is public criticism of security checking as a practice.

The existence of lists of crimes in folders often makes it necessary to destroy the folders which may contain other technical data which is constructive and valuable.

If a person is a criminal or has overt acts which affect his case, and speaks of them to an auditor of his own volition, the auditor is bound by the Auditor’s Code not to publish, use or reveal them.

Nothing in this policy letter alters standard grade processing or rudiments.





Copyright© 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard



There it is right there in Green on White!

This is the iceberg that sinks the Titanic lie perpetrated by the so called “History Makers” and perpetuated by hatchet hacks like Miller, Atack, Cordon, Wright et al riding the clown car to historical oblivion.

Too bad Ashton Gray didn’t uncover this policy since it would have destroyed the myth about a Security Check mission being personally ordered by L Ron Hubbard.

Yes but he’s Ron. He can pretty much order anything. Can’t he?

Not according to the following policy written at the time that Gray says Ron mysteriously disappeared:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex




No Aides Order or Flag Bureaux Data Letter or Executive Directive, Direc- tive or Base Order of any type or kind, written or verbal, may alter or cancel any policy letter or HCOB. These remain senior.

HCO Policy Letters are senior in admin. HCO Bulletins are senior to all other orders in tech.

Only Policy Letters may revise or cancel Policy Letters. Only HCOBs may revise or cancel HCOBs.

No Aides Order or other directive or order may abolish a network or org or change the form of an org.

HCO PLs and HCOBs require passing by LRH or the full authority of Inter- national Board members as well as the Authority and Verification Unit.

Telexes which inform orgs or executives of modifications or cancellations of HCO PLs or HCOBs must quote the revision HCO PL or HCOB, and the revision must in fact exist and itself be issued and follow.

Any practice by which junior issues such as directives abolish networks or make off-policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech.

This is therefore a HIGH CRIME policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or “abolishes” anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs, including the downgrade of “that’s out-of-date” or “that’s been cancelled” with- out showing the HCO PL or HCOB which revises or cancels.

HCO PLs and HCOBs are proven by time and are the senior data on which we operate.



So what was Hubbard actually doing at the time in Morocco? Well as noted earlier he was on the Flagship the Apollo with Mary Sue and the kids according to the US Government’s own records. Probably conducting research while in the middle of a political hurricane.

As Ashton Gray says there is no documentary evidence that there ever was a Villa Laure. Too bad he didn’t read his own words and fell into to the rabbit hole that the above circus clowns fell into previously describing a Villa that only seems to exist only in the fervent and deranged minds of the so called “History Makers”.

What about the Operation Transport Corporation? The mysterious organization responsible for this mission impossible.

One looks in vain for any description Scientology’s in it Administrative and Management dictionary. Only to find in the famous or infamous Snow White Program that it is just another name for the “Apollo” and suggests that they are one and the same:



GO 732 WW

Apr. 20, 73..



Attack is necessary to an effective defense.


Countries are being denied to OTC, the “Apollo” and LRH (emphasis added)


A gradual reduction of available countries occurring since 1967. Trend Danger.


General operating record since 1967, studied with many uncovered incidents without foundation in fact. Each of these has had in common false reports.

Recent exposure of official records have brought about the possession of data showing that England and the US have in the past spread false reports in several other countries which have caused trouble.


By spreading false reports a cumulative file can be built in their own and other countries which then tend to act on the file without the presence of the real … data which is factually good but which is then ignored.

Secondary Why:

The tendency or habit of police and immigration agencies to act secretly on record data without further advice, thus making a hidden third party situation.

Ideal Scene:

All false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged and OTC, “Apollo” and LRH free to frequent all western ports and nations without threat and all required ports open and free.



To engage in various litigation in all countries affected also as to expose to view all such derogatory and false reports, to engage in further litigation in the countries originating such reports, to exhaust resources in those countries and then finally to take the nation to the United Nations (think now being possible for an individual and a group) and to the European Commission on Human Rights, meanwhile uprooting and cancelling all such files and reports wherever found.


Note that the Guardian’s Order was written before Gray says Ron disappeared. Not afterward as the author implies.

The fact is although it is claimed by many misinformed wags on the internet that it was what they mistakenly call “Operation Snow White” that unleashed the hounds of Hooverville upon the organization it was a little known Guardian’s Order 1361 that actually provoked what I call the Scientology Chainsaw Massacre. A rogue operation written by Micheal Meisner the former Assistant Guardian for Information at Washington DC and approved by Jane Kember the Guardian at the time which is why I nodded my head approvingly when Ashton listed her at the top of infiltrators or plants within the Scientology Organization sent in by either CIA or MI6.

In regard to Dear Jane. I had a source sometime back who knew her personally and had told me that her dad worked for the South African BOSI that’s the Bureau of State Security. Not the BOSSI mentioned in the book. An agency that was closely affiliated to MI6. Seems the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree in Jane’s case since by approving GO 1361 she basically played the role of McCord in ordering an illegal break in not of the Watergate but in this case the Washington Office of the IRS and like McCord and his henchmen who would bring down the President by ordering the break in at the Watergate. Their nominal boss. She would bring down her own superior. Mary Sue Hubbard.

As I’ve written before in my previous articles on the Guardian’s Office that the parallels between the two are uncanny. Almost as if they were scripted by the same people or persons which in both cases likely the CIA.

Which brings me to the point on which Ashton Gray and myself agree and that the Church of Scientology has been and is currently being manipulated by our “friends” on the dark side.

The only thing we disagree is on the means. Here he postulates that Hubbard was a victim of some kind of extraordinary rendition and then either assassinated or turned over to the tender hands of the Mk Ultra alumni and turned into a human rutabaga.

I’m not saying that the boys and girls who work for dear mother K as they call CIA. The “K” of course standing for Kubark the cable code for the agency are quite capable of doing that to Ron or anyone. It just doesn’t make any practical sense for reasons I’ve stated above. Mainly because that they hadn’t gotten what they wanted from the Old Man yet. Still the “tantalizing” prospect of PK hadn’t yet been attained stably yet.

So my own theory is that like Edward Wilson in Joseph Trento’s excellent book Prelude to Terror. They were relentlessly driving the Old Man of the sea back to America by shutting down his access to any safe Harbor as Omar Garrison seems to suggest in his book Playing Dirty where he says on Chapter Four:


There was nowhere left to go, except home. So the ship which  had never delivered a cargo to any port more dangerous than music, fun and  scores of young people with cameras and money, set sail once more for the  Bahamas, and thence to Clearwater, Florida where crew and shipmates went ashore  to establish a land base for their Scientology movement.

In all the long and tragic history of the sea, it is unlikely that any ship  or group of seafarers were ever banned from so many lands in so short a space of  time.


In other words they had Ron right where they wanted him.

All said and done though aside from our differing points of view on the matter. I found Watergate the Hoax an excellent read. Filled with humor and little known facts about a major historical event that changed the world.

I heartily recommend it to any student of history.




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Perception Managed

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Seems we live in a world these days where primitive “terrorists” living in some cave in Afghanistan can circumvent the most sophisticated defense net ever developed for the North American continent with a few flying lessons and some box cutters (for most part made out of metal yet somehow spoofed Airport Metal Detectors) were able to pilot commercial jets with deadly accuracy into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Then there’s the lone gun man who from his perch in the Texas School Depository was able to fire an inaccurate rifle accurately through an Elm Tree and a Overpass and hit a sitting President square in the head.

Yes wonders never cease! Ironically the people who promote such obvious myths get a bit testy when one mentions the paranormal. Even though the above two scenarios go beyond anything which would be considered paranormal and into territory that would be considered utter fantasy.

No wonder the majority of Americans are turning away from the purveyors of such fairy tales in droves. Calling them “fake news” and other less complimentary names.

I remember my gleeful schadenfreude when the candidate they predicted would win the Presidential election with almost close to one hundred percent certainty lose in an Electoral landslide.

Really I couldn’t stop laughing especially at the fact that many people actually take these bozos seriously when imparting the “news” and “information”.

I’m sure Zelda staring into her crystal ball could have given a better prediction on the recent Presidential Election. If she hadn’t most of her clients would have probably abandoned her and she would be forced to sell her crystal ball and live on food stamps.

Not so with the mainstream media who are mainly supported by the CIA, that’s Capitalism’s Invisible Army and their deluded advertisers.

I guess it’s okay to call oneself the “paper of record” and not record a single fact or even come close to the actual truth.

Lucky for them they don’t have to count on the hard earned money of their subscribers to keep them from selling their crystal balls and living on food stamps.

They like the Government have already perfected what would be considered a welfare scam if some out of work mother with two kids attempted the same thing.

How does this have any relevance to Scientology?

Well we see them endlessly buying real estate with the help of their well to do “patrons” many of who have connections to as the late Ingo Swann would say; “You know who.” so as to purvey the perception of “unprecedented expansion”.

Yes they’re expanding alright. Somewhere into oblivion. As thier public either turns against them or finds actual Scientology out in the field which hasn’t been defiled by the “Golden Age of Tech” and is still relatively pure.

Just like many “news junkies” and those who want to actually be informed have turned off mainstream “news” and have began to look for independent sources.

It seems that the Potemkin Village of Perception Management is finally collapsing and this is a good thing.


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David Miscavige the Hoax

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Some time back I promised a review of a recent book published by Ashton Gray entitled Watergate the Hoax. My apologies for anyone who actually reads my blog. Having read it quite a while a go, I’ll have to review it again myself. The book is quite relevant to this blog in many ways. Actually Gray goes far beyond my own personal speculations and research on the subject posed here which is; was the CIA actively involved in bringing down the Church of Scientology?

His premise which I will elucidate later when I do a proper review of his book was that the key actors involved in the break in at the Watergate complex were also directly involved in a covert operation directed against Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard.

As I said I will explain later. For now let us move from the sublime to the ridiculous and that is the current “leader” of Scientology. One David Miscavige. A short time ago I published my own annotations on a puff piece which was published in what was the St. Petersburg Times now called the Tampa Bay Times.

The SP Times as it was known by Scientologists for obvious reasons if one is familiar with the terminology of Scientology wasn’t all that kind to the subject or to L Ron Hubbard. In fact they published a series of hit pieces beginning in 1979 that won a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. Not that I am all that impressed with this fact since they seem to hand this prize out to many journalists who tow the Mocking Bird Line and carry water for Dear Old Mother “K” like for example Lawrence Wright’s book the Looming Tower which pretty much plagiarizes the ridiculous “findings” of the ludicrous 911 Commission. More can be said and will be said later but for now I’ll just move on.

As I was saying. The SP Times published a series of very critical articles but when they did one on Miscavige the so called “Man Behind Scientology”. They didn’t exactly cover him rose pedals but fairly close. And why not? It seems since Ted Koppel announced him as the “head” of Scientology back in ninety two. He had managed to take the Church of Scientology into the veritable twilight zone with his invention of the “Golden Age of Tech”.

But before that. The IRS gave the Church its blessing by granting it its coveted Tax Exempt status while at the same time receiving over twelve million dollars in back taxes and making the “Man Behind Scientology” a defacto revenue agent as the Chairman of the Church of Scientology’s very own Tax Compliance Committee. Another  chairmanship that Miscavige has other than the one having to do with the RTC but more on the QT like the Closing Agreement was until somebody over at the Wall Street Journal let the cat out of the bag the year before his sweet as honey interview with the SP Times.

In there we find the story book version of little Davy’s rise to the top of the Scientology’s pyramid of power. What isn’t mentioned however is the mysterious death of the man most likely to succeed L Ron Hubbard his son Quentin who reached Scientology’s highest level of Scientology training before his untimely and strange demise in Las Vegas.

As they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and when Mary Sue unsatisfied with the LVPD’s explanation of her son’s death hired a PI. She found herself next on the list of individuals being neutralized. This came by way of an indictment along with eleven other Scientologists for a “conspiracy” against the US Government.

For more background on her set up and subsequent railroading I suggest reading Omar Garrison’s excellent book entitled Playing Dirty; The Secret War Against Beliefs and my own two part series on the Guardian’s Office.

Another possible candidate was Yvonne  Jentzsch the much admired and well respected president of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre who would die from a mysterious rapid acting form of brain cancer.

It is interesting that along with David Miscavige, her widower Heber would appear on a list of possible agents of influence connected to the CIA’s Robert Crowely but of course we are told by former Sea Org Members who have since left the Church “that there’s nothing to see here folks, so lets move along!”

These are the people who tend to be the biggest promoters of what I derisively call the lone Miscavige theory. They like the former SP Times promote the idea that Miscavige by his own pluck and determination had risen to to the stellar rank of Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center.

What I also refer to with distain as the Miscavige myth. A myth that has not only been perpetrated and perpetuated by the Church particularly the Sea Organization but by the media and Government as well.

Truth be told if one or in this case a conspiracy wanted to perpetrate and perpetuate a hoax they would need willing accomplices in the media and the Government who would be willing to play along with this charade such as for example claiming that someone who couldn’t even fly a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 with military precision into a wedge of the Pentagon or that Iraq was laden with WMD and had the technical capability to launch a sophisticated drone attack against the US or to a lesser degree that David Miscavige was the chosen successor to L Ron Hubbard despite evidence to the contrary.

The irony is that there are so many in the Sea Organization and who have since left who want us to take this scenario seriously without a grain of salt.

One wonders what their personal actions that contributed to Miscavige’s accession were? Yet so far we are told that they were so “overwhelmed” by this bullying high school drop out who probably still ignorantly believes that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor with “suicide bombers”.

Yes David Miscavige. The man, the myth, the legend, the HOAX!

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While working on the final installment on my series on Scientology’s Guardian’s Office I came across some interesting information that I would like to share with the few hardy souls who read my rather sporadic blog.

A short time back I received an email by someone using a pseudonym giving me a link to a very interesting blog based on research related to the author’s research on his upcoming book Watergate; The Hoax.

Interesting in the sense that I had made parallels to Watergate in my last post on Part II of my series of the Guardian’s Office.

What started the snow ball rolling which later would become the avalanche that would wipe out Scientology’s Guardian’s Office was the Snow White Program.

As I covered in part I of my series the reason for Snow White was attributed to an incident that happened in Morocco when OTC short for Operations Transport Corporation began an operation to educate Government Officials there in the use of the e-meter to weed out possible subversives and that this effort back fired much like Hubbard’s earlier effort to recommend the use of this device to the Kennedy Administration.

Yet unlike the earlier effort which is mentioned in several lectures given by Hubbard on the Saint Hill Briefing Course and Executive Directives after the fact. There is no mention of Morocco in any subsequent lecture or writings of Scientology. One would think that he’d at least mention it. At least in passing.

If the incident actually did occur as many of the critical books on Scientology say then one would think there would be some record of it within the annals of the Church of Scientology. No matter how small or trivial.

Yet all there seems to be are alleged eye witness accounts of this incident faithfully recorded as fact.

One could ask why would these people lie? Yet people have many reasons for lying or altering the truth either intentionally or unintentionally.

Not to dwell on the former but in the case of the latter. Some lie so as not to appear ignorant of events and circumstances that are swirling about all around them which they can not explain. They don’t intentionally lie but when an explanation is given they embrace it like the drunk who blacks out at a party and is told what happened afterward.

Anyway without any further preamble I will link to the series of blogs being discussed:

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The Guardian’s Office Part II

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“what’s past is prologue”

William Shakespeare

The Tempest

The Stipulation of “Evidence” represents a plea bargain between the Assistant US Attorney and the Defense counsel representing nine Scientologist from Scientology’s Guardians Office described by the late Omar Garrison as follows:

After conducting closed hearings for a week on the issue, Judge Richey ruled that there had been an agreement and that the Government was obliged to honor it.

U.S. Attorneys then prepared a 282-page stipulated record of evidence against the defendants. Under terms of the procedure, the defendants agreed to be found guilty without challenging the Government’s evidence, but also without agreeing to its accuracy. “We don’t agree to one fact, as stated by the Government,” declared defense counsel. “We only agree that this is the Government’s evidence, and we rest without putting on any evidence of our own.”

By means of this unusual legal maneuver, the Scientologists were able to avoid a lengthy and costly trial, and at the same time retain their rights to appeal their convictions to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which they would ask to overturn the verdict on grounds that the FBI raids had been illegal.

The stipulation of record prepared by the prosecution reduced the 28 counts in the original indictment to a single count of conspiracy.

Defense lawyers at first balked at signing the stipulation because they found that the narrative was filled with the Government’s usual weasel wording. Throughout the stipulation, AUSA Banoun and his fellow prosecutors had used adjectives and legally conclusory terms such as “stole,” “burglarized,” and “illegally entered;” and at several points, had used the term, “pursuant to a lawful search,” or “to a lawfully executed search.”

That phrase, Dudley argued, would undercut his clients’ chance to appeal. “They present us a document that we have to sign, they want our signature on, that says it is a lawful search. Why would they want us to sign a document that says it is a lawful search, unless we are going to meet that document coming back some place else, some other day?”

Dudley told the court that inclusion of the term was a complete violation of the defense-prosecution agreement.

“I don’t agree with that,” said Judge Richey. “I think it is the prosecutors’ right to choose the terminology they wish, just like they have the right to choose the terminology in drawing an indictment.”

Back in the days of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany they used to call them “confessions” instead of “indictments” but as Shakespeare once said “a rose is but a rose”.

Even so. It seems like criminals who tend to leave clues at the scene of a crime. Governments tend to as well. For instance within its mind numbing , stilted, turgid, torpid, and at times redundantly purple prose that it could be more accurately called the Stultification or Stupification of “Evidence”. One can like being at a crime scene will occasionally find actual evidence that the perpetrator never knowingly intended to leave.

Clues cluelessly left behind for whatever reason.

One clue for example came more recently then the Stipulation itself and was one left by the Guardian’s Office’s main adversary at the time the Internal Revenue Service in what was formerly known as the “Secret Closing Agreement” between them and the Church of Scientology and that is a line that seems to preclude “any claims of continued conspiracy having its genesis prior to the date of this Agreement”.

If there was no conspiracy then why bother mentioning one and then demand that it never be mentioned again as part of the “Agreement”?

Yet as we know there was indeed a conspiracy. Not merely a theory of one but one that was carefully documented. Again according to Omar Garrison:

The evidentiary record of the U.S. Government’s conspiracy against the Church of Scientology – extending, as it does, over more than two decades – has no parallel in American legal history.

There have been previous cases of official persecution of new religious sects (that of the Mormons, for example), but never before have so many agencies of the federal government joined forces in a dedicated – yes, a fanatical – scheme to destroy a legally constituted religious community.

That destruction of the church was the ultimate objective of the cabal there can be no doubt. The internal memoranda passed among the various agencies and departments involved, say so, clearly and emphatically.

After analyzing hundreds of governmental documents relating to the Scientology case, Rodney A. Austin, an expert on Constitutional and Administrative law, affirmed unequivocally that the U.S. Justice Department had directed “an all-agency effort to malign, oppress, criminally prosecute and ultimately end the practice of Scientology.”

I reached a similar conclusion in my earlier work, already alluded to, which also carefully examines the role of such vested interests as the American Medical Association, World Federation of Mental Health, Better Business Bureaus, and others, in initiating the government’s offensive against the church throughout the world.

At that time, I did not have available to me the copious documentation which has recently been obtained by using the Freedom of Information Act. The church has been able thus far to acquire or to gain access to a mind-boggling 100,000 pages through administrative action, and another 100,000 pages through costly litigation.

Well-informed sources estimate that the various federal agencies and government departments are still withholding another hundred thousand documents pertaining to the church, its founder and/or its members. The Internal Revenue Service alone is said to have 33 linear feet of files, most of which that agency has refused to disclose, employing various obstructive tactics to avoid compliance with the law.”

Then of course there were those actions taken against the Church of Scientology that the Guardian’s Office managed to gain access to even after their most senior officers were convicted of “Conspiracy”:

In 1957, the Central Intelligence Agency issued its first report on the Church of Scientology. Since that time, the members of our sister churches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and Greece were subjected to an intelligence operation which had as its purpose the annihilation of an American-founded religious movement.

We have been accused of almost everything from gun-running, drug trafficking, white slave trafficking, sex perversion, hypnotism, brainwashing, currency smuggling to Communist countries, to even killing. They are tired old lies we have long since been able to prove are false.

In 1973, we discovered, by accident in Germany, evidence of the international circulation of false reports and immediately began utilization of the Freedom of Information Act. By 1978, more than 200,000 documents had been collected, cross indexed, filed, and analyzed. Hundreds of FOI requests were made and lawsuits filed against agencies withholding documents. Thousands of man hours were consumed in this massive project. We had to study intelligence tactics to understand what had happened.

What we found was a systematic campaign of “well poisoning” which followed the expansion of Scientology abroad in more than 14 countries from Australia in the early l960’s to France in 1978. In every instance where our Church was attacked, we have documents which prove that malicious false reports, rumors, unproven allegations of crimes and other dirt were disseminated broad by American agencies to foreign governments prior to any action taken against the Church.

For a long 21 years, we have not only endured this deliberate and cold-blooded inquisition, we have continued to expand and prosper. We have been no threat to national security, we have no history of criminal activity, and there has been no evidence to support the outrageous lies spread by the CIA, FBI, IRS and others involved.

Maybe some would consider the Government accusing the Guardian’s Office of “Conspiracy”. One of those cases of the pot accusing the kettle of being black.

Unfortunately in most cases the Government is never indicted for the crimes it commits against its own citizens. For instance despite the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission reports which exposed criminal actions carried out by Government Agencies and their Agents and Officers. No indictments were ever handed down.

Even today despite the NSA’s blatant disregard for the Fourth Amendment fully exposed. There wasn’t even a Commission or even a Congressional Committee formed. In fact laws were written that retroactively granted immunity to corporations who actively participated in circumventing the Bill of Rights.

But I digress.

Since this is an article about the Guardian’s Office. The office of the Church of Scientology that for a short time actually turned the tables on the US Government and spied on them for a change.

In many ways they should have been hailed as heroes by the Church or at least martyrs but instead it seems they have been shoved down a memory hole by some Winston Smith in the Church’s current PR Department or maybe more accurately “Ministry of Truth”. Not even mentioned in the current edition of What is Scientology along with any traces of their existence wiped from their scriptures and the once able Mary Sue Hubbard former Commodore Staff Guardian and one time wife of L Ron Hubbard now an almost forgotten “unperson”.

That said the facts are that the Guardian’s Office Snow White Program began to pursue the disinformation, misinformation and false reports generated by Governments initially by legal means using the FOIA yet at some point as I wrote earlier they crossed the Rubicon.

Again at what point that was is very evident in the so called Stipulation of Evidence and that was exactly when Michael Meisner assumed the position of Assistant Guardian for Information.

Less like Caesar and more like Charcot the boatman on the Styx. He took the Guardian’s Office across to Hades

The Stipulation of “Evidence”

“Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing. It may seem to point very straight to one thing,

but if you shift your own point of view a little,

you may find it pointing in an equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

The “Stipulation of Evidence” as it is called contains what would be considered evidence that is circumstantial in many ways since there are no actual eye witnesses to the crimes allegedly committed except for one who’s reliability is somewhat questionable. Also many of the so called “crimes” that the Scientologist are accused of are merely by their accusation in many ways violations of the law themselves. For example accusing a Scientologist who is an American Citizen that accepts a position in the US Government of “infiltration” directly goes against the  Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Eleventh Constitutional Amendment. Yet the Stipulation is littered with such accusations which in themselves are possibly illegal.

Also the Conspiracy Theory used by the AUSA is in many ways based the Conspiracy Theory that anyone who may have merely had guilty knowledge of the criminal actions perpetrated by others is somehow “evidence” of a “conspiracy”. A novel legal concept that one would have thought had vanished with the Alien and Sedition act of 1798.

Other features are actions that would normally be considered larceny such as “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” to copy files taken from unsecured offices “without permission”in other words unlawful entry resulting again in the larcenous theft of photocopy paper are elevated to the level of “burglary”.

And where the intentional ransacking of Churches in what looks like an open ended search for “evidence” is according to AUSA “the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants”.

In other words an alternative legal universe of some kind where misdemeanors are transmuted into crimes and the law and the Constitution are completely disregarded or in some cases violated in order to make a case against the nine defendants.

Also aside from evidence of crimes if one shifts one’s parallax there is also evidence of provocation or inducement to commit such crimes by possible agent provocateurs.

The Agents Provocateur

“You give yourself for an ‘agent provocateur.’  The proper business of an ‘agent provocateur’ is to provoke.”

The Secret Agent

Joseph Conrad

According to the Merriam-Webster the first use of the term Agent Provocateur was 1877 and it was probably the Czarist Government Secret Police who refined the technique into virtual art form. Unfortunately such actions eventually brought unexpected blow back such as the Russian Revolution.

Despite the potential dangers involved in the use of agent provocateurs euphemistically labeled as “confidential informants” in the Bureau’s bureaucratic doublespeak. The FBI adapted their use in what was known at the time as CoIntelPro for Counter Intelligence Program which originally was directed against Communist infiltration but later was expanded to include any organization or individual that was considered “subversive” by J Edgar Hoover. Many as in most if not all who had no connection to Communism at all such as the Civil Rights movement and what was known as the “New Left” which was based on the Free Speech movement started in Berkley California.

In fact much of the radicalism and turmoil of “60’s” can attributed to the efforts of the FBI who sought the provoke internecine warfare between various groups or to provoke them into committing criminal actions or even acts of terrorism.

The program remained relatively secret until the early 1970’s  when a group of individuals calling themselves the “Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI” broke into the FBI’s Field Office in Media Pennsylvania and stole their files.

What occurred after the break-in according to an article published in the LA Times in 2008:

Within a few weeks, the documents began to show up — mailed anonymously in manila envelopes with no return address — in the newsrooms of major American newspapers. When the Washington Post received copies, Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell asked Executive Editor Ben Bradlee not to publish them because disclosure, he said, could “endanger the lives” of people involved in investigations on behalf of the United States.

Nevertheless, the Post broke the first story on March 24, 1971, after receiving an envelope with 14 FBI documents detailing how the bureau had enlisted a local police chief, letter carriers and a switchboard operator at Swarthmore College to spy on campus and black activist groups in the Philadelphia area.

More documents went to other reporters — Tom Wicker received copies at his New York Times office; so did reporters at the Los Angeles Times — and to politicians including Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota and Rep. Parren J. Mitchell of Maryland.

What did these pilfered files reveal? Again according to Omar Garrison:

Caught in the glare of publicity, the FBI announced that for “security reasons” it was terminating the Program as of April 27, 1971. The action came a decade and a half too late. Documents pried loose from the Bureau in freedom-of-information suits disclosed what the Washington Post accurately described as “an incredible pattern of abuse,” extending back over a period of 15 years.

The FBI’s covert action – i.e., “dirty tricks” – programmes against American citizens were, in fact, vigilante operations using techniques adopted outright from wartime counterintelligence capers directed against enemy agents and saboteurs. Hence the misnomer given the project.

Describing the kind of operations which had been used against foreign intelligence agents, and later transferred to domestic targets, former assistant FBI Director William C. Sullivan told the Senate Select Committee:

“This is a rough, tough, dirty business, and dangerous … No holds were barred.”

The “dirty business” included unauthorized bugging and wiretapping;  mail opening; warrantless break-ins (“black bag jobs”); anonymously mailing reprints of newspaper and magazine articles (some of them planted in the press by the Bureau itself); disseminating defamatory  information regarding individuals, much of it false; encouraging street warfare between violence-prone groups; contacting an employee with derogatory information about a person to get the target fired; using the IRS to harass individuals an d organizations by audit; and so on.

As one newspaper writer put it, “almost nothing – beyond lack of imagination – appears to have limited the range of dirty tricks’ used by the FBI . . .”

The explanation offered by the Bureau for its illegal acts was that the agency found them to be necessary to protect national security (a catch-all pleading invoked by all federal agencies to justify theirlawless conduct); and to prevent violence.

That too facile a rationale runs aground, however, on two facts: the FBI targeted groups and individuals which did not remotely pose a threat to national security; and many of the Cointelpro victims were non-violent in both word and deed.

In the programme’s later phases, it became clear that it was being used against persons and organizations whose beliefs were repugnant to the Bureau. In short, Cointelpro was J. Edgar Hoover’s secret war against what he considered “dangerous” ideas, or sometimes against individuals who were unpopular with his friends and supporters.

What conceivable threat to national security or potential for violence, for instance, was involved in the Cointelpro operation in which the Bureau wrote an anonymous letter to the parents of a Michigan State University co-ed, telling them that their daughter  had  “a serious infection,” implying that she had contracted a venereal disease?

Or, the instance in which FBI agents in Madison, Wisconsin “fingered” for Dane County police a co-ed who danced nude in a production of Peter Pan, because they didn’t like her political views? (The memorandum covering the op notes with satisfaction: “Local charges were brought against her.”)

Of the 2,370 approved COINTELPRO programs that have been disclosed so far, perhaps the saddest and most disgraceful of all was the operation against the film actress Jean Seberg.

Documents obtained from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that in 1970, agents in the Bureau’s Los Angeles Division, with the approval of Washington headquarters, concocted a scheme to ruin her reputation by spreading a rumor that she was pregnant by a Black Panther leader.

At the time, Seberg was married to French Diplomat Romain Gary. The plot was initiated by the Special Agent in charge of the FBI Los Angeles office with a request, dated April 27,1970 and submitted to the Director in Washington. It read:

“Bureau permission is requested to publicize the pregnancy of Jean Seberg, well-known movie actress by (name deleted) Black Panther (BPP) (deleted) by advising Hollywood “Gossip-Columnists” in the Los Angeles area of the situation. It is felt that the possible publication of Seberg’s plight could cause her embarrassment and serve to cheapen her image with the general public.

” ‘It is proposed that the following letter from a fictitious person be sent to local columnists:

“I was just thinking about you and remembered I still owe you a favor. So —- I was in Paris last week and ran into Jean Seberg, who was heavy with baby. I thought she and Romaine [sic] had gotten together again, but she confided the child belonged to (deleted) of the Black  Panthers, one (deleted). The dear girl is getting around!

” ‘Anyway, I thought you might get a scoop on the others. Be good and  I’ll see you soon.


 ” ‘Sol.,

“Usual precautions would be taken by the Los Angeles Division to  preclude identification of the Bureau as the source of the letter if approval is granted.”

 The agent making this proposal signed the document with his initials, RWH. It was approved by his superiors, WGG and RMB. While the FBI has refused to identify these agents, according to a source close to the activity, the originator of the memorandum was R Richard Wallace Held, later promoted to the job of Inspector with the Bureau in Washington.

The same informant identified the special agent in charge as Wesley G. Grapp, now retired; and RMB as Richard M. Bloesser, also retired, but  then a supervisor over S quad #2 in the Los Angeles office.

On information and belief (as the lawyers say) the Black Panther leader named in the proposition was Raymond (Masia) Hewit. In a separate op, the FBI falsely identified him as an undercover informant for the agency. The official letter was planted in his car with the expectation that one of his fellow Panthers would find it and assault him.

Days later, approval for the project came from the FBI headquarters in Washington. The memorandum contained a note of caution.

“To protect the sensitive source of information from possible compromise and to insure the success of your plan, Bureau feels it would be better to wait approximately two additional months until Seberg’s pregnancy would be obvious to everyone.”

The headquarters memorandum also added this note:

“Jean Seberg has been a financial supporter of the BBP and should be neutralized. Her current pregnancy by (name deleted) while stillmarried affords an opportunity for such effort. ”

In terms of circulation, the FBI’s black propaganda effort met with notable success. On May 19, 1970, Los Angeles Times keyhole columnist Joyce Haber included the defamatory tidbit in her day’s reportage. Haber’s effusion was thereafter picked up and reprinted by Newsweek  magazine, the American Weekly, and a French publication called Minute.

The actress’ French husband said that soon after reading the false stories, his wife, who was then in the seventh month of her pregnancy’; had to be hospitalized. Three days later, she went into labor and gave birth to a stillborn child, a white female.

The infant was placed in an open casket so that those who may have believed the cruel canard could view the truth in its most tragic setting.

Romain Gary affirmed that he was the child’s father, and said that the shock of losing the child made the actress become psychotic. Every year, on the anniversary of the incident, she attempted suicide.

Finally, on September 10, 1979, the denouement of the harrowing events set in motion by the FBI, occurred. Jean Seberg died in the back seat of her car in Paris, of an overdose of barbituates.

Gary tersely delivered the last summary of the case:

“Jean Seberg was destroyed by the FBI.”

In a face-saving editorial, the Los Angeles Times deeply regretted that that newspaper had carried the calumny, but took consolation in a statement issued by FBI Director William H. Webster, to wit:

“The days when the FBI used derogatory information to combat advocates of unpopular causes have long since passed. We are out of that business forever.”

No such consolation is to be found, however, in the final report of the Senate Select Committee which investigated the Cointel operations.

The committee concluded:

“Cointelpro activities may continue today under the rubric of ‘investigation.’

Of course after the shocking revelation the FBI had assured congress that CoIntelPro was discontinued when in fact it had metastasized into various programs involving state, county and local law enforcement.

Part of the modus operandi of CoIntelPro was what is known as “sting operations” which in many cases involved the use of “confidential informants” who in many cases acted as agent provocateurs. Again in many cases inducing and assisting the target to commit criminal acts so that they could be arrested which is the basic definition of Agent Provocateur.

Whether the Guardian’s Office was a target of what is known as a “sting operation” often a euphemism for blatant entrapment is not known except for some obvious clues.

First according to the Stipulation the Guardian’s Office’s crime spree didn’t really begin until after their star witness Michael Meisner assumed the position of Assistant Guardian for information and introduced his program for cracking the IRS known as GO for Guardian’s Order 1361 which included “infiltrating” (a word that the prosecution would use to its gleeful advantage in the Stipulation) an agent into the Internal Revenue Service and have him “get the files”.

To “get the files”  itself doesn’t really have any criminal intent connected to it unless the manner in which they are gotten is illegal. For example one could get the files by personally requesting them or be placed in a position where one has personal access to such files. Yet instead Meisner like the Artful Dodger influences his agent in the direction of criminality by teaching him that “get” really means steal and has him “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” to make the pilfered copies.

Personally as a writer having researched what former Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles called the “Craft of Intelligence” I’ve always wondered if Meisner was merely ignorant of basic tradecraft by having his agents photocopy the files on as they say “United States Government property equipment” using their “supplies” which are both monitored by said Government and can be modified to keep track of what has been copied or if he actually intended for his agents to be burned eventually.

Traditionally spies have used spy cameras even after the invention of the Xerox machine which are small, portable and therefore can be easily smuggled in and used to surreptitiously to photograph files without the danger of being traced back to “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” which at some point would become noticeable.

Yet it seems Meisner throws caution to the wind by having his agents photocopy the purloined files that in many cases can be measured in stacks fifteen feet in height.

Also it is Meisner who not only plays a pivotal role in inducing the Guardian’s Office into committing acts of espionage directly by his actions but also is the fulcrum which lifts them to the level of perpetrating a cover up and subsequent efforts to obstruct justice.

Of course their is no conclusive evidence that he is acting as an Agent Provocateur on any one else’s behalf. Save points I’ll address later which makes him highly suspect as a double agent

Then there is also another qualified candidate and that is the mysterious Don Alverzo who also may Joe Lisa both who seem to hold the same position in the US Guardian’s Office who mysteriously escapes the long arm of the law even though they are inextricably involved in the illegal acts perpetrated. For instance according to the Stipulation:

A few days before November 1, 1974, Don Alverzo, who held the position of Deputy Information Branch I Director US telephoned Mr. Meisner from Los Angeles, California, to inform him that he was coming to the District of Columbia to place an electronic bugging device in the Chief Counsel’s conference room at the Internal Revenue Service where a major meeting concerning Scientology was to be held.

On October 30, 1974, Mr. Meisner met Mr. Alverzo at the Guardian’s Office located at 2125 S Street, Northwest, in the District of Columbia. Also present at this meeting were the defendants Mitchell Hermann and Bruce Ullman who held the position of Information Branch II Director in the District of Columbia. Alverzo showed Meisner the bugging device which he had brought with him from Los Angeles. One of the items Alverzo had was a multiple electric outlet containing a transmitting device. In the late afternoon of October 30 Mr. Meisner and the defendant Mitchell Hermann entered the main IRS building located at 1111 Constitution Avenue, northwest, for the purpose of locating the conference room of the Chief Counsel’s office where the meeting was to be held on November 1, 1974 .

[The Guardian’s Office had received notification that such a meeting was to be held through attorneys who represented the Church of Scientology in their pending lawsuit regarding the tax exempt status of some churches of Scientology.]

On November 1, 1974, because of other pressing business Mr. Meisner did not accompany Mr. Alverzo during the IRS bugging. However, on the evening of November 1, 1974 subsequent to the IRS conference, Meisner met with the defendant Mitchell Hermann who described to him what had taken place. The defendant Hermann told Mr. Meisner that he had entered the main IRS building on the morning of November 1, 1974, gone to the conference room, where the meeting was to be held and placed the bugging device in a wall socket in that room. The room was located on the fourth floor of the Internal Revenue Service main building in Washington D.C. and faced the driveway of the Smithsonian Institution Museum of History and Technology on Constitution Avenue Northwest. [In fact, that conference room was actually located there on November 1, 1974.]

Thereafter, Hermann left the building and waited in a car in the driveway of the museum with Don Alverzo and Carla Moxon (the Assistant Guardian Communicator (Secretary) in the District of Columbia) and overheard and taped the entire meeting over the FM radio of the car. Following the conclusion of the meeting, the defendant Hermann reentered the IRS building, removed the bugging equipment from the conference room and took various papers, including the agenda for the meeting, which had been left by the participants. He showed these items to Mr. Meisner. Soon afterwards Alverzo returned to Los Angeles. He took with him the bugging device, and the tape recording of the meeting.

During the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants upon premises of the Church of Scientology of California known as the Cedars Complex on July 8, 1977 Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Eusebic Benavidez seized a black suitcase containing electronic bugging devices from the office of the defendant Gregory Willardson. These included Exhibits 190 to 194. See photograph marked Government Exhibit No. 217 appended hereto.

In other words he not only breaks into a secure Government Office but also plants listening devices which is a felony he then carelessly leaves the tools of his trade such as the black bag used in the operation for the FBI to just happen to find “(d)uring the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants upon premises of the Church of Scientology of California known as the Cedars Complex on July 8, 1977” which according to the Stipulation can be traced directly back to him but is never indicted.

Similar to Meisner who later in the Stipulation receives a communication from one of his agents which clearly says “CONFIDENTIAL -SHRED WHEN FINISHED” that is incautiously left for the hoards of FBI to find as they say “(d)uring the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants”.

No definitive proof of course that both Meisner and Alverzo are working for the FBI or some other agency connected to the Government. Just tell tale signs and red flags that indicate the definite possibility.

Even stranger then any of those actions noted. Something that would practically verge on the the Paranormal is their agent code named “Silver” who’s real name is Gerald Wolfe being hired by the IRS during a Federal hiring freeze.

Gerald Wolfe

Code Named “Silver”

The Unlikely Spy

It is said that men condemned to death are subject to sudden moments of elation;

as if, like moths in the fire, their destruction were coincidental with attainment.”

John le Carre’

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

It seems the Stipulation moves sonorously, stentoriously  and laconically forward as if failing to notice the large pachyderm that has entered the narrative even though it is mentioned several times as a definite concern of the Guardian’s Office. Almost if  hoping that no one notices the high strangeness and incongruity of Wolfe being hired by the IRS as an entry level clerk over an executive order mandating a Federal hiring freeze. As if this would be consider a “normal” sequence of events.

Again when we look back at the the CoIntelPro we find that the FBI had no problem in eliciting the aid of other departments,  agencies and services in their program to eradicate radicals thus keeping the world safe it seems for some kind of Fascist Police State where good citizens don’t ask too many questions about their Government if they know what’s good for them.

Like the FBI the IRS to a greater or lesser degree has been used as a tool of political and in this case religious repression. There have been many non profits and religious organizations other then Scientology who have had their tax exempt status yanked for holding dissident views of one kind or another. Not only that but various individuals who tended to be too vocal in their dissent have found themselves the target of a tax audit.

To quote the late great American humorist Will Rogers:

“The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.”

It seems that nothing stirs more terror in the heart of the average American then a letter from the Internal Revenue Service telling them that they are being audited.

For whatever reason the IRS may have had their own personal reasons for cooperating in what could be a spy trap. Most likely was the fact that the Church of Scientology wouldn’t accept the revocation of their Tax Exempt Status under IRC 501Ciii and suspected a nefarious plot behind it. Like the FDA before them they were now involved in a lengthy appeal involving litigation over the issue.

The Church after years of battling the Food and Drug Agency regarding their use of a harmless galvanometer known as Electropsychometer or E-meter as part of their religious counseling had eventually prevailed after a costly court battle by agreeing to have their e-meter labeled for religious use only.

What seemed strange about the whole affair is that the FDA would object to the use of such a harmless toy which sent a current of less then half a volt through anyone holding its “electrodes” that in most cases were basically tin plated stainless steel soup cans while on the other hand approving the use of electro shock machines which in most cases used 1000 times the voltage and were capable of causing grievous irreparable physical injury.

Now like the FDA the IRS found themselves in the sights of the Scientologist who wouldn’t take “no tax exemption” as an answer.

Even so Project Hunter which was part of the original Snow White Program did not specifically target the IRS. Its targets were the Treasury Department which included the Secret Service and the FBI’s liaison to InterPol. Thus it was Meisner who after assuming the position of Assistant Guardian for Information in Washington who would propose GO 1361 which would directly target the IRS by “infiltrating” an agent to “get the files.”

From a tactical point of view what appears to be a diversion. True the IRS revoked the Church’s Tax Exempt status but it seems likely this decision was based on faulty intelligence promoted by other agencies.

The agent chosen for the operation was an “FSM” by the name of Gerald Wolfe who obviously had no prior experience as an Intelligence Asset which according to the stipulation is the Guardian’s Office’s term for “covert operative”. An evident effort by the authors of the Stipulation to incriminate by the misdefining the abbreviation for Field Staff Member that has no such meaning since the term only means someone actively proselytizing Scientology outside the Church or in the “Field”.

Also according to the Stipulation he has other agents already in place in the Coast Guard and DEA. Yet the evidence suggests that prior to this point they were merely Government employees that happened to be Scientologists who had been recruited by Meisner to act as “agents in place” as part of GO 1361.

Meisner seems to violate the basic rules of tradecraft for even though he has a cut out or go between he many times violates operational security by directly contacting his agents. Worse as mentioned earlier he has them use the Government’s own Xerox machine to copy the files gotten. A completely insecure method that not only can be monitored but leaves an obvious paper trail.

What is truly amazing is that Meisner’s Scientology Spy Ring despite its lack of actual tradecraft survives for over a year photocopying thousands of documents. A take so prodigious that any evaluation and analysis is extremely backlogged in fact according to the Stipulation “some ‘15000’ documents”  forming stacks “ten feet in height”. Yet we are asked to suspend our disbelief and believe that this extensive use of “United States Government property equipment”and the subsequent hemorrhage of “supplies” is going unnoticed.

What’s interesting though is that his key agent one could say his 007 is Gerald Wolfe. Who it seems has no previous experience as a spy and thus can be easily manipulated into taking unwise risks such as cobbling shoes, false flags or more commonly forging Government IDs for both him and Meisner even though he himself has a valid IRS ID which will eventually expose their operation or so it seems.

To quote Phaedrus:

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.

The Trap is Set

Klebb: But what makes you think that M will oblige you by falling in with your plan?

Kronsteen: For the simple reason that this is so obviously a trap.

My reading of the British mentality is that they always treat a trap as a challenge.

And they couldn’t possibly pass up the chance of getting the Lektor decoder.

The Movie “From Russia with Love”

It seems so obvious that Wolfe’s “infiltration” was just too serendipitous. Even so it looks like not everyone in the Guardian’s Office is blinded by their success in “infiltrating” an agent into hostile and denied territory. As there are proposals for a back up plan in case their agents are “blown” and to be “prudent”. Suggestions that Spy Master Meisner seems to ignore as he has his spies imprudently “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” to copy literally mountains of files.

According to the Stipulation their op sec is a joke with open text messages allegedly going back and forth regarding their concerns of the legality of the actively yet contradictory orders for further collection that contradict the Stipulation’s allegation that tape recordings of the bugged IRS Counsel’s meeting were transcribed in a complex digital code known as “Jade” which along with tapes just happened to be found next to Alverzo’s black bag suspiciously “(d)uring the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants”.

Bringing up the obvious questions. Why if the tapes had already been transcribed in “Jade” they weren’t burn bagged? And also why if such a code existed why wasn’t used for other sensitive communications?

Despite all this with the alleged discovery of the blag back and incriminating tapes. There is almost a reverse symmetry to an earlier incident in American history that brought down a president.

Scientology-gate (Part I)

The Break Ins.

It sounded preposterous. Cubans in surgical gloves bugging the

DNC! I dismissed it as some sort of prank . . . The whole thing

made so little sense. Why, I wondered. Why then? Why in such a

blundering way . . . Anyone who knew anything about politics

would know that a national committee headquarters was a useless

place to go for inside information on a presidential campaign. The

whole thing was so senseless and bungled that it almost looked

like some kind of a setup.

Richard M Nixon from his Memoirs

Some years back when I was researching the demise of the Guardian’s Office. A researcher made the comparison to what become known as Watergate. The famous scandal named after the complex in Washington by the same name and the Snow White Affair. I never gave it much thought until I began writing this article at which point the parallels became obvious.

They both began with a break in of some kind to plant bugs followed by an effort to cover up criminal connections which becomes a conspiracy to obstruct justice. Not only that but they both have incriminating tapes.

Also as alluded earlier there seems to be an unseen conspiracy which exists outside the one which eventually becomes the Government approved and endorsed version of “the conspiracy”.

“Watergate” included two break-ins which were later linked back to the Nixon Whitehouse that were carried out by SIU or the Security and Intelligence Unit better known as the “Plumbers”. The first one was the office of Dr Fielding, Daniel Ellsberg’s Psychiatrist in Beverly Hills California after Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers followed by the most infamous break in in history carried out at the Democratic National Committee Offices located in the Watergate Complex at 700 New Hampshire Ave NW in Washington DC.

Several years later the Stipulation of Evidence is written and after a preamble begins with a break in and bugging but this time it is the IRS’ Counsels Room located in the IRS building on 1111 Constitution Avenue NW which just happens to be a few blocks from the Watergate Complex.

Almost as if the AUSA has incorporated the same plot in his case against the Church of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office with a few variations to the actual story line of Watergate. It seems strange but Nixon and the Guardian’s Office may have had the same enemy. One who was capable of laying a complex Rube Goldberg like mouse trap to eventually ensnare them both.

Let’s take a look back at Watergate again. Actually there seems to more to the story then mainstream historians have led us to believe and that Nixon’s fall seems to be directly linked to his obsession with what he called “the Bay of Pigs thing”. A touchy subject. One that when mentioned caused the usually urbane and unflappable DCI Richard Helms to become unusually flappable, very un-urbane and extremely upset. In fact shouting at his commander and chief:

“This has nothing to do with the Bay of Pigs!”

Of course the “Bay of Pigs” was not simply about CIA’s failed invasion of Cuba but also included the subsequent assassination Nixon’s penultimate predecessor John F Kennedy. It seems likely that Helms was in on the secrets behind Kennedy’s assassination that till this day haven’t come to light. It is also interesting that many of the Watergate burglars were Cubans who were connected to CIA and can be linked back to the failed Cuban Invasion followed by subsequent failed efforts to assassinate Castro and who would be suspected for their involvement in the the Kennedy assassination. Not to mention the mysterious reappearance of H Howard Hunt who himself was to a degree involved in the whole “bay of pigs thing”.

Then again it could probably just be a coincidence that these professionals were all caught In flagrante delicto trying to break in and bug the Democratic National Headquarters so easily by an eagle eyed Security Guard who happened to spot a strip of duct tape so obviously placed horizontally across the door latch. As they say wonders never cease. Not only that but the break in would cause the eventual domino effect that would become known as the “Watergate Scandal”.

Also it is probably just another happy happenstance that the man who replaced Nixon. One Gerald Ford just happened to be on the Warren Commission.

Yes wonders never cease.

Pardon my digression. Back to what I call Scientology-gate with some variables pretty much plays out the same way. Actually instead of just two break-ins there are a whole series of actual professionally conducted break-ins led by the mysterious Don Alverzo in most cases assisted by Michael Meisner with the exception of the first one which involved the bugging of the IRS’ Chief Counsel’s Office because we are told Meisner had “other pressing business”.

What that “other pressing business” was we are never told. But if one had a suspicious mind and were disposed to “Conspiracy Theories” and such one could speculate that if Meisner was a “confidential informant” or double agent that exposing him to such a hazardous operation with the extreme chances of being apprehended along with Alverzo could blow the entire operation.

True purely speculation but according to the evidence presented by the AUSA in the Stipulation the fact that Meisner didn’t shred a note from one of his agents that clearly said “CONFIDENTIAL -SHRED WHEN FINISHED” for the FBI to find clearly makes his actual allegiances somewhat questionable. Just as Alverzo’s who just happened to leave “a black suitcase containing electronic bugging devices” for them when as they say “(d)uring the lawful execution of United States Magistrate search warrants upon premises of the Church of Scientology of California known as the Cedars Complex on July 8, 1977” for the forces of “law and order” to stumble upon.

Again wonders never cease.

Again back to the parallels between Scientology-gate and Watergate. Since both have a Cover-up which eventually leads to an effort to “obstruct justice”. Though in the latter case one one wonders how justice was obstructed since justice doesn’t seem too involved or interested at least according to the Stipulation of Evidence until Meisner makes that fateful call to the FBI and becomes Scientology-gate’s version of John Dean.

Scientology-gate (Part II)

The Cover up

When you look for a conspiracy.

Look for the violation of Standard Operating Procedure.

Fletcher Prouty

Seems if you wanted a good cover-up followed by an obstruction of justice all you’ve got to do is make sure there is a Security Guard available to call the cops or in this case the FBI which is exactly what happens as if on script. In this case the Guardian’s Office has expanded their operations to include US Attorney’s Office which just happens to be the Office prosecuting the case. Seems to be a symmetry involved here.

According to the Stipulation this is exactly where both Meisner and Wolfe are caught making photocopies of various documents “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” .

This doesn’t play out exactly like Watergate as the Security Guard for some reason having spotted them on Friday doesn’t bother informing anyone until the following Monday. Possibly having the idea that spies take the weekend off. Again like Alverzo’s magical appearance earlier we are treated to another non-explanation that the guard for some reason didn’t feel compelled to report this breech until after the weekend.

In general the Stipulation of Evidence in many ways causes one to ask more questions then it answers as to what really happened?

Such as did it really happen this way due the FBI’s and AUSA’s complete lack of originality or is there some other cosmic reason that the following scenario is almost  a slow motion replay of the famous Watergate break-in?

First we have the trusty security guard who spots the culprits In flagrante delicto . This time instead of having broken into and now in the process of bugging the Democratic National HQ (though a similar scene is incorporated later in the script with the discovery of the black bag and incriminating tapes) are with malice and forethought “using United States Government property equipment, and supplies” yet unlike Watergate this security guard instead waits the whole weekend before reporting the incident to the Night Librarian who in turn reports the incident to the AUSA who tells to them to report the two miscreants the next time they’re spotted to the FBI both who like the Watergate burglars conveniently have incriminating evidence in their possession leading to a broader “conspiracy”. In this case two recently forged IDs.

A strange twist on Watergate with the FBI despite the fact that there is no evidence that a federal crime had been committed at this point is called in instead of the police or the Federal Security Service the agency responsible for Federal building security. A twist in the same plot which basically has the same result of provoking a cover-up and obstruction of justice but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

As we can see by the Stipulation when the two photocopy thieves return instead of being arrested on the spot by the G-men or more accurately a G-man and woman who I’ll call Mulder and Scully in keeping with the high strangeness of what happens which should be in an X-File are only questioned (without reading them their Miranda rights of course) and then cut loose.

Even though both of them have evidence in their possession that they have violated Federal Statutes. In other words two false IDs which the penalty for is fatuously noted in the Stipulation and additionally in Meisner’s case he has committed the crime of impersonating a Federal Agent and was therefore in violation of the following:

US Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 43

Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Which mysteriously is never mentioned in the so called “Stipulation of ‘Evidence’”.

Why the ASUA decides to call for a Grand Jury instead of having the two summarily arrested according to standard police procedure since there is prima faca evidence that both of them have committed federal crimes is another mystery. Unless it was never the ASUA’s intention to enforce the laws of the United States to begin with but intentionally create a broader conspiracy which is exactly what happens when Meisner decides go on the lam leaving Wolfe his agent twisting in the wind to face the music all by himself.

So just as we’ve seen Meisner earlier inciting the Guardian’s Office into committing illegal acts of espionage we now see him in the starring role of if not as an actual agent provocateur at least a catalyst in the cover up and subsequent obstruction justice of justice played out on his behalf now in the role of Federal Fugitive.

Meisner’s too modest at this point by giving others credit for his flight from justice. Yet it is easy to see by reading the Stipulation that he is mainly calling the shots on providing the financial means meaning the funding for the whole operation according to the Stipulation.

From there he manages to stay off the Fed’s radar somehow for almost a year even though there should be a Federal Bench Warrant with his name on it for his failure to appear before a Grand Jury. Therefore should have his photograph with his description issued to the US Marshal Service for his arrest as a Federal Fugitive.  A BOLO alert to all local and state police agencies. Not to mention his portrait suitable for framing in all Post Offices around the country.

Yet whatever steps were taken to apprehend him are never mentioned in the Stipulation. Instead we are told how he has been transferred to various safe houses while the Guardian’s Office is trying to figure out what to do with him during which time according to the Stipulation he is virtually being held captive yet contradictorily is able to elude his captors at least once by hopping a cab then changing his mind for some reason never explained and returning for more “restraint”.

One get’s the impression that the Stipulation is trying to create the legend of Meisner becoming “disillusioned” after being held on ice for just so long and then deciding to turn himself in which he eventually does.

Like a scene from some cheap B-grade crime movie. Meisner who has once again managed to elude his “captors” makes a call from a phone booth in a nondescript Bowling Alley instead of the usual crappy diner or seedy bar dialing up the FBI using his former agent’s name because he’s afraid that the phone is being tapped by the Guardian’s Office.

Or this is what we’re told in the Stipulation. The only question is how did Meisner happen to know the number for the FBI off the top of his head? True its in the Phone Book but there is no mention of him consulting one first before making the call. Also his misplaced paranoia about the Guardian’s Office monitoring his call is over the top. Almost like some low budget badly written Film Noir. The kind Hoover used to promote to his friends in Hollywood.

Besides if the Guardian’s Office had the same capabilities as the NSA as the over paranoid Meisner seems to imply wouldn’t the mention of “Gerald Wolfe” the agent that he burned tip them off?

On one hand through Meisner’s testimony they try to present the image of the Guardian’s Office’s omnipotence while telling us with almost unbridled triumphalism that they are totally unaware that Meisner has turned as if the Stipulation at this point is almost schizophrenic.

What seems even more contrived is the agent receiving the call is immediately familiar with the name “Gerald Wolfe”. As if it is the only thing on this agent’s mind despite dealing with maybe dozens of open cases. Either that or the FBI is so obsessed with the Guardian’s Office and Scientology that they dedicated a special task force to take it on.

However one’s suspension of disbelief is stretched to the limits when they dispatch not one, not two but three G-men almost immediately to pick Meisner up. As if the Guardian’s Office is planning an armed assault on the bowling alley.

In Three Days of the Condor Robert Redford as Joe Turner has to wait two hours to resurface before CIA attempt to bring him in after his whole office has been hit. Yet Meisner cries “Wolfe” and practically gets an FBI Welcome Wagon who whisk him away probably in a private jet to a Virginia safe house were now as their star witness he can burn down the Guardian’s Office after personally lighting the fire.

As they say fact is sometimes stranger then fiction but in this case what is stated as “fact” by our Government at times makes actual fiction seem more believable.

Stay tuned for the third and final installment on the Guardian’s Office.

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The Guardian’s Office Part I

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When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.

William Shakespeare


In the early morning hours of July 7th 1977 a team of over 100 G-men descend upon the Church of Scientology on what was then North Berendo  while at exactly the same time a smaller team is ascending the stairs to the roof of the Church of Scientology’s Manor Hotel just as a group of Hoover’s finest is moving toward the Church of Scientology’s Founding Organization which was personally established by Hubbard himself and was now being raided for a second time this time by another agency of the US Government.

What had caused the ire of the FBI?

And who were they after?

Well the story begins much like a spy novel with clandestine meetings, brush passes, dead drops and bugs used to listen in on what the Church had targeted as their key adversary. The Internal Revenue Service.   For years the Church of Scientology had tried by any legal means possible to obtain the answer to why their IRC 501Ciii status was revoked through the Freedom of Information Act. They had even tried unsuccessfully to launch a major lawsuit against the Government agencies they suspected were involved in a conspiracy against the Church and were rebuffed for reasons of “National Security”.

Now it was time according to some within Scientology’s Guardian’s Office to grab a dagger and dawn a cloak.

Back on March 1 1966 Hubbard had written a policy outlining the purpose and duties of the Guardian. Only one of these duties included intelligence gathering. Specifying what is known in the trade as “open source” available in various publications so that as he says in the policy letter that they could predict which way cats are going to jump.

The Guardian


Yet with in less than a decade the Guardian’s Office had created a formidable espiocracy known internally as “Bureau One” which carried out the functions of what was formerly known as “Branch Five” which was the branch that was designated to gather intelligence according to the above policy letter.

Their primary target and adversary was the World Federation of Mental Health an organization that Hubbard playfully referred to as Smersh from an Ian Fleming novel (one of his favorite novelists and likely an acquaintance at one time, though this is purely speculation on this author’s part, according to one of his many lectures given in Saint Hill England) an actual directorate within the Soviet NKVD and later MGB who carried out a program of assassinations for Beria which was a truncation of the phrase “Smert’ Shpionam” meaning

“death to spies”.   th

Additionally Hubbard suspected that the US Government was involved in an effort to seize Scientology especially after the FDA raided the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington DC who by a novel act of legal legerdemain and necromancy had in their hands a warrant to arrest “Mr. E. Meter” a religious artifact similar to a galvanometer used in Scientology counseling along with the usual suspects which included thousands of pages of religious documents and theological text books.

Politics Freedom From

This was followed several years later with a total ban on Scientology in Australia, a letter revoking their IRC 501Ciii status issued by the IRS, an exclusion of anyone who came to Britain to study Scientology, Hubbard being tried and found guilty of fraud in absentia in France and various cables by the State Department inferring that Hubbard’s ship the Apollo was involved in gun running, drug smuggling and white slavery.

Many of these actions as revealed later by documents since released through FOIA appear to have been instigated by CIA who had been keeping a file on Hubbard and the Church of Scientology since 1957.

The Snow White Affair

Guardian Order 732 20 Apr 73

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are.

William Tucumseh Sherman

The World Wide head quarters or the “Vatican” of Scientology had been Saint Hill Manor in the rolling country side of East Grinstead Sussex England until late 1966 when Hubbard moved all management operations to several ships at sea in International waters which became known for obvious reasons as the Sea Organization.

His reasons for doing so are explained in a lecture giving in early 1967 known as Ron’s Journal 67. Though Hubbard had resigned in 1966 as Executive Director World Wide and turned his actions over to a Board of Directors assuming the role of Founder. He was still very much involved in the direction and actions of the Scientology network as Commodore of a small flotilla composed of dedicated Scientologists who had signed a One Billion Year contract for the privilege of working directly with Hubbard on his research vessel originally christened as the Royal Scotsman that was eventually rechristened the Apollo.


The trouble began in Morocco where Hubbard was allowed to establish a secular training school for their government’s security forces which included instructing them on how to use the e-meter to root out subversives under a corporation registered in Panama as OTC, Operations and Transport Corp.

A strategy that was attempted in 1962 when Hubbard sent the Kennedy Administration a lecture he recorded at Saint Hill suggesting that they use the e-meter for the same purpose which of course was followed by a raid by the FDA of their Founding Church in Washington DC.   Things went from bad when shortly after docking at Safir a young shipmate by the name of Susan Miester was found dead in her cabin with a gun shot in her head an “apparent suicide” according to the press reports at the time and the State Department was called in by her aggrieved father to investigate then went to worse when OTC was suspected of being implicated in an attempted palace coupe allegedly led by their sponsor General Muhammad Oufkir and the Sea Org personal involved were ejected from Morocco as persona non grata.

Again it is possible actually very likely that CIA was covertly involved in this whole affair in some way either in an effort to eliminate a troublesome ally King Hassan II who like Diem was becoming an embarrassment to the current US Administration or that they had in some way exposed Oufkir’s attempted coup or were hedging their bets on either side.

Whatever the circumstances OTC was on the receiving end of the blowback.

The Guardian Office’s response to all this intrigue was to issue GO 732 WW The Snow White Program.


Snow White’s “Poison Apple”

GO 1361

But I think the real tension lies in the relationship between what you might call the pursuer and his quarry, whether it’s the writer or the spy.

John le Carre


The Snow White Program sometimes called “Operation Snow White” consisted of over two dozen “SWOTs” Snow White Operating Targets that were international in scope with projects assigned to attain their targets in any zone that Scientology operated in.

The overall objective was to expose false reports and disinformation about Scientology’s activities filed by any government agency  using the FOIA or any other kind of sunshine law instituted in other nations and have them “legally expunged”. Project Hunter was assigned to the US Guardian’s Office and had specific targets which included the IRS who had revoked the Church’s IRC 501Ciii status in 1967 and was in the process of appealing the decision.

The GO first attempted to gain access to files from various US Government agencies and found themselves stonewalled at which point they sued and were deflected by concerns for “national security”.   That concern may have been justified to a degree by the fact that a number of Scientologists were involved in CIA’s Top Secret Remote Viewing project known as Scanate.

However there was other information that was no more than suspicion and unsubstantiated rumor that could only be “classified” as malicious gossip.

The lengths that some of these agencies went to in order to protect this “information” was somewhat comical.

In one case CIA refused to release files that were transmitted to them by the NSA who refused to release the files because they had given them to CIA and back and forth and so on and so forth.

Obviously the Guardian’s Office was not amused by these puerile hand off plays and decided at some point to take the law into their own hands and go about gaining the information the old fashioned way.

By stealing it.

Code Name Silver

You basically have a group of four spies who are chosen for a mission they feel for the fact of how competent they are and how their expertise and they’re the right one for the job. But ultimately they find out they’ve been actually chosen for their incompetence.

Matt LeBlanc

Guardian’s Order 1361 was the order to infiltrate the US Government and steal the files. In other words to commit the crime that our Intelligence Agencies are sanctioned to do in other nations. In many cases they already had what could  be considered agents in place in various levels of Federal agencies at different GS ratings and Military security clearances. They were government employees who also happened to be Scientologists since the US Government under the constitution and the Civil Rights Amendment could not discriminate or decline a job based on one’s religion.

The only agency that seemed to operate above the law was the Internal Revenue Service for some reason.

Thus it became of primary importance to place an agent there. A mole.

Oddly their choice Gerald Wolfe AKA “Silver” was able to find gainful employment as a low level clerk at the IRS despite a recession and a hiring freeze of Federal employees. Not only that but was able to elude the IRS’ constitutional and legally questionable proscription against employing Scientologists.

Thus the die was cast and the Rubicon crossed.

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Spy Vs Spy Part II

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“When everyone is dead the Great Game is finished. Not before.”
Hurree Babu
Chapter 12

Rudyard Kipling


Like the OSS was the progenitor to CIA or the NKVD bequeathed the MGB which begot the KGB and so on. Hubbard’s intelligence agency was originally HCO his own personal communications office as he explains in the Manual of Justice:

“Organizations with bad consciences usually look on HCO personnel as intelligence people. So HCO personnel might as well realize it, too. One small HCO hat is Intelligence – know our friends and our enemies and what they are doing.”

A move that would seem fitting since Hubbard was an Intelligence Officer in the ONI.

However by the early 1960’s he had turned over intelligence gathering to a special department, according to a policy letter issued from his personal office HCO of 15 August 1960, entitled the “DEPT OF GOV’T AFFAIRS” where he states:

“The object of the Department is to broaden the impact of Scientology upon governments and other organizations and is to conduct itself so as to make the name and repute of Scientology better and more forceful. Therefore defensive tactics are frowned upon in the department. We are not trying to make the Central Orgs and HCOs “be good”. We are trying to make their reach more secure and effective. Only attacks resolve threats.
“In the face of danger from Govts or courts there are only two errors one can make: (a) do nothing and (b) defend. The right things to do with any threat are to (1) Find out if we want to play the offered game or not, (2) If not, to derail the offered game with a feint or attack upon the most vulnerable point which can be disclosed in the enemy ranks, (3) Make enough threat or clamor to cause the enemy to quail, (4) Don’t try to get any money out of it, (5) Make every attack by us also sell Scientology and (6) Win. If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace. Peace is bought with an exchange of advantage, so make the advantage and then settle. Don’t ever defend. Always attack. Don’t ever do nothing. Unexpected attacks in the rear of the enemy’s front ranks work best.”

As you can see in the above text. Hubbard has formed a nascent intelligence agency with Psychological Warfare, Counter Intelligence and Intelligence Capability.

By 13 March 1961 he has refined and listed these capabilities and renamed it the office to “The Department of Official Affairs”:

(a) Following and enforcing current organization policy with regard to press and handling such press queries and matters.
(b) Following and enforcing policies with regard to the legal status of the organizations of Scientology in the Continental area.
(c) Co-operating with societies having similar organizational goals.
(d) Worsening the public belief and attitude toward societies and persons having purposes counter to Scientology goals.
(0) Giving hearings and assistance to field members who have ideas to advance Scientology.
(f) Bringing continuous pressure to bear on governments to create pro-Scientology legislation and to discourage anti-Scientology legislation of groups opposing Scientology.
(g) Handling field and organization problems of security.
(h) Keeping newspaper and other files relating to Scientology and anti-Scientology groups, persons and activities.”

Here we see the beginning of the Guardian’s Office which will be covered in greater detail in the next installment.

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Spy Vs Spy Part 1 

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The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2 “Send men to spy out the land of Canaan,

which I am giving to the people of Israel.

From each tribe of their fathers you shall send a man, every one a chief among them.”

Bible, English Standard Version, Numbers 13


Religions and sects have employed the use spies for millennia.

The Jewish State of Israel, a theocracy, probably has one of the best intelligence agencies in the world followed closely by the Vatican.

Espionage wasn’t until the last century considered to be a totally secular activity.

The fact is that any established organization has a security and intelligence gathering section. Not only that but many businesses and enterprises also are involved in Espionage and Counter Espionage activities against their competitors. What is known as Industrial Espionage.

No surprise then that the Church of Scientology. A religion founded by an ex-spook would be in some way involved in espionage. Especially when you consider its rocky beginnings.

Spying is considered a defensive activity. One used to predict attacks and to discover an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses known in the parlance of professionals in the field as “order of battle”.

Was Hubbard just paranoid or was there a well planned covert operation being conducted against Dianetics and Scientology?

Two books, The Hidden Story of Scientology and Playing Dirty; The Secret War Against Beliefs by the late author and journalist Omar Garrison seem to indicate there was something going on.

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The OTO and Scientology: A Parallel Universe

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“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”

Plato’s Phaedrus


Alex Constantine has researched the relationship between Religious Cults and what Marchetti calls the “Cult of Intelligence”.

The case of the OTO is very instructive.

As Constantine notes Hubbard himself was involved with the OTO for a short time and became a confident of Jack Parsons one of the Founding Fathers of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

John Carter in his book Sex and Rockets describes it in further detail.

The only question left hanging at the end of the book is was Hubbard’s involvement with the OTO personal or was he part of a covert intelligence operation?

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